Balancing a Job with Being a Writer — It Can Be Done


The best-laid plans of aspiring writers often go awry when they begin working and start to realize that life won’t allow them the time that they need to get their words down. This is an all-too-common plight that potential authors face and, more often than not, it results in them stalling on their writing process or giving up on it altogether.

Of course, it is important to work to earn a living, but for writers, writing is just as important. It is fortunate, then, that there are ways for a job, even a full-blown career, to be balanced with penning a novel. It’s true, it can be done! To see how, read on.

Take a degree that teaches you to balance

Before you embark on a life of being both a worker and a writer, it would be beneficial for you to ready yourself for it by taking a degree that teaches you how to balance. By taking a low-residency Creative Writing master’s degree, you would afford yourself the opportunity to get used to having specific times to sit down and write, and you’d be able to get used to working around this writing time. Of course, as well as that, you’d also give yourself the chance to work with like-minded others in an environment that is designed to help your writing flourish, so it’s a win on all accounts.

Plan your writing sessions before starting them

If you’re serious about finding a balance between your job and your writing, then you can’t just be living without some sort of cohesion regarding where you devote your time and efforts. You have a set schedule with your working hours, so the time and effort you spend at work is non-negotiable. You do not have such structure with your writing sessions, however, which is why they are so easily thrown aside — to stop this from happening, do not live spontaneously and instead plan your writing sessions out for the day ahead. Of course, it is good to get things down when ideas come to mind, but having a daily plan will see you write smarter and more frequently.

Find time to jot things down at work

Depending on the nature of your job, of course, it could be beneficial for you find some time while you’re at work to jot some ideas down. Even if it means spending your lunch break tapping away on your laptop, doing this will keep your mind in gear in regards to your writing, and doing that is essential if you want to retain the motivation needed to become a career writer.

You need to work, but you also need to become a writer. It’s long been a problem that you and many other people like you face, but you need not face it anymore. When you take the advice above, you’ll be able to earn the amount that you need to live off while also being able to write your book while you do so.


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Key Considerations Before Embarking On A Healthcare Career

Healthcare Career

The healthcare industry is one which can be hugely rewarding and, in many careers, well-paid, but it certainly is not an area for everyone as it can be extremely demanding, stressful and emotional. The healthcare industry is incredibly important, and you could be helping to save lives each day, but there are a few important considerations that you will need to think about before deciding whether or not this is an area well-suited to you as it is a huge, life-changing decision to embark on a career in the healthcare industry. Read on for a few important factors to consider:


First, you should think about what area you want to enter as there are many different career options in this huge industry. Healthcare administration, nursing, mental health, dental health, technicians, therapists and dermatology are just a few of the areas to consider. You need to think about what area of healthcare interests you, what your motivations are and how you want to help people.

Education & Training

As you would imagine, the majority of careers in this important industry require many years of training, and this will be a huge commitment. You need to think about how you will go about obtaining this education and how you will support yourself during this time. If you have a busy lifestyle already, you may find that there are certain online qualifications that can put you on the right track. An MHA online program, for example, can provide all the tools you need for a career in healthcare administration for those that need to balance a full-time job with their studies.

Skills & Strengths

In addition to the proper training, you will also need to have suitable skills and strengths depending on what area you are entering. This could include excellent interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic, being able to focus under pressure, mathematical skills and time-management. Many of these skills can be developed, and you are sure to hone them during placements, but this can take time, and it is best if you already have these skills when you first embark on a career in healthcare.


It is important to recognize that any career in healthcare will be a huge commitment and this will have a large impact on your personal life. You will work irregular hours, be on call and often have to deal with situations that can be stressful and upsetting. You may also have to relocate to find work, so these are all important factors to think about before embarking on a career. Healthcare can be lucrative and rewarding, but it is quite unlike any other industry and it is certainly not for everyone.

The healthcare industry can be highly rewarding, but it is also a sector that can be stressful, time-consuming and emotional. The above are the main considerations that you will need to make before starting on a path to a career in healthcare (which in itself can be an enormous challenge). Carefully consider the above to decide whether or not this is the right area for you to work in.


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Exhibition Stands that Stand Out – Business Development Solutions

Exhibition Stands
Image by Eddie Howell via Unsplash

Business owners who have shed blood, sweat and tears in order to put their company in pole position will not need reminding of what it takes to get their company off the ground when first starting out. Of course, entrepreneurs new to a particular market will often have to promote what they do by taking part in one of the bigger and more exposed business exhibitions in the UK. Indeed, it is all very well being able to boast hard-to-beat prices on the goods we specialise in, but if we are unable to attract enough attention at an international business event, we will have to go back to the drawing board.

By looking at helpful references online, UK-based businesses should be able to learn more about what they need to do to become a market leader in their chosen industry. However, there is a lot more needed than just becoming aware of marketing manoeuvres that will help us blow the competition away. When taking time to consider the many different options in suppliers of lightweight and easy to assemble exhibition stands, it would be wise to use the services of firms providing an assembly service.

It goes without saying that if we have put all our resources and manpower into marketing the products we have for sale, we will want to rely on a supplier of exhibition stands that have a team of experienced stand builders.

Safety First

Once we have managed to source one of the more reputable providers of modern designs of exhibition stands and related systems for displaying our goods effectively, we may want to consider just how safe our exhibition area is. Having said that, leaders in the supply of superb stands for business events would never dream of cutting corners when assembling the display systems they have been charged with building. Ambitious company bosses with contact details of exhibition stand builders with a flawless reputation should have a lot more peace of mind when preparing to launch their new range of goods. And although large exhibition centres with multiple business events throughout the week are usually visited by the Health and Safety Executive, it is best to avoid any possibilities of issues in the first place. With this in mind, it is no surprise that some of the more successful companies in a wide range of sectors will make sure they are well prepared for their upcoming exhibition show at a local exhibition.

Business Brains

Most entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve much more business success than they could ever had imagined made sure they listened to any sound business advice they could get along the way. There is fortunately a lot of good advice that newly-formed businesses can look for on the internet in the form of well-researched articles.

Some of the more useful of these tips are as follows:

  1. Get to know your demographic by creating a buyer persona
  2. Focus on your event marketing objectives
  3. Analyse past results and future trends
  4. Consider the right kind of space needed for your display
  5. Employ highly-experienced promotion staff to help out on the day

By being well-prepared when undertaking our first or latest exhibition, company owners should have much more peace of mind that everything will go according to plan. Indeed, ambitious companies with a genuine desire to get to the top of their chosen marketplace should be well on their way if they are willing to learn from the mistakes of others in the same line of work.

4 Ways Educators Can Improve Their Teaching Style

While many educators love to teach, not every student loves to learn. Teachers must make it their mission to improve student engagement, so they will go on to achieve the best possible grade and embark on a rewarding career.


In addition to changing your practices inside the classroom, you should find out the four ways educators can improve their teaching style.

1. Focus on Teacher Professional Development

While the learning process might end for many students once they leave school, it should never end for teachers. To continue to grow, you must focus on teacher professional development. Every educator will have their weaknesses in the classroom, which is why competency-based professional learning for teachers can be the key to improved academic performance. So, teachers will feel more confident in their role, and their newfound knowledge can help students to excel.

2. Care for Your Own Needs

While passion for education is a superb quality in a teacher, it should not come at the cost of their personal happiness. It’s important for educators to step away from marking tests and essays and make time for themselves. So, schedule time for your hobbies, relaxation and your loved ones. You could even strive to cultivate new skills, which could potentially improve your teaching methods. A little separation between both you and the classroom could help you to maintain your passion for education, so your students can continue to benefit from your skills and knowledge.

3. Ask Your Students for Feedback

Students are not always forthcoming when asking for help. Yet, it’s essential for both theirs and your development to learn where you are going wrong in the classroom. After the first few weeks into the term, ask your students to write down what could help their learning inside and outside the classroom. Also, ask about any changes in the class that could improve their overall experience.

You should then review every response and decide on the best changes to make in the classroom. It’s essential to inform students you plan to make changes based on their feedback, so they will feel as if they have a voice in their education and that their opinions matter. Consequently, they might be more likely to approach you when struggling with an issue inside or outside the classroom.

4. Write a Daily Teaching Log

Many new teachers might find it beneficial to keep a daily teaching log. Each day write down your lesson plan on the right-hand side of your journal and then write down comments or reflections on the left-hand side. This can help educators to identify what did or didn’t work in the classroom and why. You should also note where students experienced difficulties, as well as how you helped them to overcome obstacles or increased their engagement with the material. Once you have done so, make a note of what you would do differently next time, so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your teaching tactics in the future.

The New Mom’s Guide to Being an Entrepreneur


The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that anyone can do it! That includes new mothers, although they will be facing an even greater challenge! Here are some essential tips for balancing the two worlds of parenthood and employment.

Plan Ahead

The more you are able to plan before you commit to any major business decisions, the better and more reliable your decision-making process will be. It can be tempting, especially in situations where you are trading on a talent you possess, to improvise your business strategy as you go along. While this might seem like a good idea initially, it is the kind of approach which is destined for ruin.

If you are reading this prior to the arrival of your child, you’re in an even better position to get the ball rolling on your future. If you already have a clear idea of exactly what it is you want to do as an entrepreneur, you can use this time to work out exactly how you will get there. For example, if you have your heart set on a career working in hair and makeup, you should look for a Nail Technician School Near Me.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Just like all other new entrepreneurs who have come before you, you can’t expect to know everything right off the bat. Developing as an entrepreneur takes time and experience, there are no shortcuts here, certainly none that you would want to take. If you want to develop and grow as you expand your business acumen, you can’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

As a new entrepreneur, and a mom with kids to take care of, if you aren’t willing to ask for help when you need it, you will soon find yourself paralyzed. Being a new mother is a challenge, as is being an entrepreneur. Taking on these two challenges together is not easy, and there is certainly no shame in needing help with either.

Enjoy the Little Things

You will no doubt face many a stressful moment on your road to becoming a fully-fledged entrepreneur, and how you react to these moments will have a significant impact on how difficult your journey is overall. If you want to avoid letting the stresses and strains of the business world bring you down, you will need to learn to enjoy the little things in life.

In particular, make sure that you still set aside time to spend with your child. For many new mothers who are also embarking on their first business venture, it is surprisingly easy to fall into the trap of focusing on your business and only tending to your child when they need you. Instead, try and keep your newborn around even when you are working. You don’t want to miss out on essential bonding time for the sake of work.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a minor undertaking. It is one of the most challenging goals that you can possibly set yourself. Adding it on to the challenge of being a new mother requires a very strong character. However, if you are able to make it work, you will be able to raise your children while also taking control of your professional life.