How to Start an E-commerce Business for Your Home Goods

Creating your own home goods is a wonderful achievement—especially if you’re a stay at home mom with a fairly busy schedule. It allows you to hone in on your craft, sharpen your entrepreneurial skills, keep occupied when the children aren’t around, and of course, bring in a little extra money.

Ecommerce Business for Your Home Goods
Homemade Scented Wax Candle

If you aren’t already making homemade goods, there’s still plenty of time to get going. And there’s an endless amount of things you can make, spanning the gauntlet for everything from homemade wax candles to homemade flavored shisha. The key is to create around your hobby, so that it rarely ever feels like work. Once you’ve decided what you want to focus on, you’ve taken the first step towards making it happen. Here’s a few tips for starting an e-commerce business:

Set Up Your Website

Of course, as an e-commerce business, one of the most important aspects you need to focus on is your website. You’ll need to choose a platform, and should explore each (and watch introductory videos). Two of the most popular platforms are Shopify and WordPress. Shopify offers a free trial with full features, which you should take advantage of. While WooCommerce doesn’t necessarily have a free trial, they do have more options for themes and customizable stores. And because your design creates the first impression, it’s crucial that you start thinking about what your digital aesthetic will look like beforehand. Although Shopify and WooCommerce make it easy for newcomers to jump in, if you aren’t web-savvy, consider hiring a freelancer on a site like Upwork or working with a web design agency.

Consider Listing on Dropshipping Platforms

Dropshipping makes it possible for entrepreneurs to sell products without ever holding any inventory. For example, as a dropshipper, you would list products on your website that you don’t actually have. You’d market them well so that they appeal to your target audience, and when an order is placed, it ships directly from the manufacturer.

As the creator of a product, you can opt to allow other entrepreneurs to dropship as well. However, keep in mind that you do lose some of your profit in the process, as it’s shared with the person who sells it. On the plus side, you can leverage the marketing expertise of many individuals who have the skills and know-how to get your product out there.

Don’t Forget About Your Marketing

Your marketing efforts set you apart from the competition, and get you ready for success. Think about your marketing as the story you create around your brand. As a homemade goods company, you don’t want your product labeling or website design to look mass-produced. All marketing efforts should be cohesive. Furthermore, your marketing language should emphasize your “homemade” tag, and poise your company as a lifestyle brand if applicable. You’ll also want to post plenty of high-res, high-quality photos. Make an effort to showcase products that your customers have purchased, and refrain from copying strategies that mass-produced companies employ.

Start a Blog

Once you’ve started your homemade business, a blog is necessary. A blog builds search engine optimization (SEO) around your brand, which makes it easier for people to discover your business. You can use your blog to not only post product announcements, but to detail your experience starting your own company. You never know what will attract readers and buyers until you test the waters and create a variety of content. By writing about your journey, you’ll also be humanizing your brand, which makes it easier to establish trust with potential customers. Furthermore, you’ll be helping other moms who hope to be in your shoes one day, too.

Take Advantage of Etsy

There are pros and cons to using Etsy as a platform, but when you’re selling homemade goods, it’s one of the easiest to put your work out there. Etsy makes it easy for homemade goods stores—no matter how new or established—to put their products in front of relevant audiences who are looking for products like yours.

The drawbacks of using Etsy can be balanced by having your own website as well. For example, Etsy doesn’t offer much creative control over how your online store appears, and they always show related products that make it easy for shoppers to stray away from your page. Furthermore, it may be difficult to capitalize on marketing potential, like creating an email list, but with a website, you can tip the scale in your favor.


Tips For New Sports Coaches

While coaching a sports team is a fun job, it can also be quite a challenging experience. Luckily, there are tips to help you as a new coach not only find success but also get some enjoyment out of your position.

New Sports Coaches

Avoid worrying about failing and instead focus your efforts and energy on what you can be doing in the present moment to turn this into a thriving hobby or career. Keep in mind that it’s a process and will require a learning curve before you feel completely comfortable in your role. Enjoy what you’re doing but also take your coaching job seriously, so you and your team have a positive outcome.

Be Prepared & Organized

As a new sports coach, it’s extremely important for you to be prepared and organized. This goes for practices as well as games and all that occurs in between. Know exactly what drills you’re going to run with your team and how you’re going to help them develop their abilities. Get to know your players personally and always have a game plan for how you want to approach each new match or opponent.

Know Your Rights

The reality is that you may come across some unfortunate or sticky situations as a sports coach. It could be anything from contractual to criminal matters and you need to know your rights. It’s in your best interest to work with a sports law barrister who understands the law and can help guide you through your case if you have one. Never assume any information and instead gather the facts by consulting with a specialist so you can achieve the outcome you desire.

Invest in Your Development

Know that you personally can always be learning and improving your skill set right along with your players. It’s important to not only get the required licensing you need to coach, but that you also go a step further and invest in your personal development. Use your free time to go watch other coaches you admire in action or take an extra course that’s going to help you improve your skills.

Remain Patient

Patience and staying calm is essential when you’re taking on the role of being a new sports coach. You need to practice it with yourself as well as with your team because not all is going to go as planned along the way. Some days and games your players will perform well and other times they’ll likely make mistakes you’ll need to deal with. It’s important you learn how to properly communicate and get your message across clearly so that you or your players aren’t repeating the same errors as time goes on.


Be proud of yourself for being willing to take on the position of being a new sports coach. It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and also have a little fun. Keep these tips in mind as you get started and begin to make a name for yourself with your sport of choice.


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Your Guide To Experiencing Success As A Business Owner

Being a business owner isn’t always an easy feat, but it can be a very rewarding career. If you want to experience future success then it’s important you take a few measures that are going to help ensure this is the case for you.

business owner

You have to be open and willing to hearing advice and suggestions if you truly want to get ahead with your business. Learn from your mistakes and know that in time and with more experience you’ll likely be able to land on your feet and build a thriving company. Take it one day at a time and never stop trying to push forward and overcome any obstacles.

Set Goals & Create A Plan

You’re more likely to experience success as a business owner when you take the time to set goals and have a plan you can follow. Leaving your future up to chance is too risky, and it’ll be easier to fall off track and get lost without a documented vision. Write down specifics about what it is you want to achieve in the upcoming years and how you’ll go about meeting each objective.

Pick A Prime Office Location

Become a more successful business owner by being picky about where you set up shop. Spend time researching various locations and properties and make sure you can afford the building before purchasing or renting it out. It’s a wise idea to consult with commercial property lawyers as you’re on the hunt for a new home for your business. They’ll help you get out of an old lease or properly secure a new location for your small business if this is your first move.

Hire Talented Staff

If you want to grow your business, then you’re going to need a group of talented employees behind you helping you to reach your goals. Involve yourself in the hiring and interviewing process and make sure whoever you’re bringing onboard is a good fit for the culture and has the right skills and abilities so your company can better succeed. It may be tempting to want to hire friends or family members, but remember this could become a messy and emotional situation down the road.

Focus on Time Management

What will help you succeed the most as a business owner is you taking the initiative to properly manage your time. You’re going to be pulled in a lot of different directions and need to know what’s worth you focusing on and what you should be saying no to. Not only will your business require your undivided attention, but you also should confirm you fit in taking care of yourself and spending time with your family in your busy schedule.


It’s ultimately in your hands whether you succeed as a business owner or not. Take advantage of this guide to help ensure you experience brighter days ahead. Get on the right track and you’ll likely soon find that your future begins to play out nicely and that you encounter fewer hiccups.


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7 Hottest Tips For New Music Artists

The desire to be a music artist is a great goal to have and can be an enriching and fulfilling career. However, you first need to know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication on your part if you want to get to the top and succeed.

New Music Artists

Luckily, there are a few hot tips for new music artists like yourself that will help you overcome obstacles and make sure you’re on track to building the future of your dreams. While it won’t be an easy feat, remember to have fun! Keep fighting for what you believe in and want to see yourself become one day, and you too could join the stars.

1. Continue to Practice and Have Examples of Your Work Prepared

One tip you should follow as a new music artist is always to keep practicing and improving your skills. It’s never a wise idea to get too comfortable in one place or assume that what you’ve done in the past will be your gateway to the future. There’s a lot of other talent out there, and you have to continue to prove that you’re the best at what you do so that you get noticed. Also, have a portfolio or electronic press kit and examples of your work prepared, so you’re always ready to engage in conversation with others about your work and show them what you’re made of.

2. Understand Your Audience

As a new music artist, it’s essential you take the time to learn about and understand your audience. You should know what it is they like about you and your music and be able to exceed their expectations. Get to know them better by engaging with your audience on social media and interacting with them before and after shows. Pay attention to which of your songs receives the most plays, and you should also try to figure out why this is. Get a better idea of where and how they spend their time and what their interests are.

3. Get Your Finances in Order

You’re likely going to be struggling to make ends meet when you’re first starting out as a new music artist. Go online and read what you need to know about securing money for an upcoming career-related trip or expense you have that you currently aren’t able to afford. There are always financial workarounds and options available to you, but you have to know what they are and also be willing to take advantage of them. It’s in your best interest to spend time getting your finances in order so that you can live within your means and stick to a budget as you try to earn more money.

4. Know Your Worth

Having confidence in yourself and your abilities are going to help you truly succeed at the end of the day. You’ll likely encounter a lot of competition and a few naysayers throughout your musical journey. You have to be ready to respond with your head held high and show that you know your worth and aren’t about to back down. The music industry is a very challenging space to enter and be in, and you need to have thick skin if you’re going to survive and make a breakthrough. Figure out what it is you do best and stick to doing more of that going forward so that you can continue to feel more self-assurance as time goes on.

5. Find A Mentor

There are a lot of music artists who were in your shoes once and starting from scratch just like you. Be proactive and find a mentor who can guide you and give you advice as you navigate the landscape. This person may even be able to help you get your foot in the door one day if they see how talented you are. You don’t have to do it all on your own and getting a helping hand will likely make it more of a possibility that you can turn your hobby into a full-time career. Also, ask them a lot of questions so that you can avoid making the same mistakes they did as a new music artist.

6. Build A Trustworthy Team around You

What’s most important is that you’re careful about who you let in your inner circle and trust as a new music artist. Unfortunately, there may be people around you who are hanging around for the wrong reasons and aren’t there to genuinely support you. Put your efforts into building a trustworthy team of people around you including your friends, any other band members and your management team. Put your faith in everyone who crosses your path, and you may later regret it when you find out they didn’t have your best interest. Protect yourself from harm first and foremost, and you’ll likely experience a lot less heartache and chaos as you get your career started.  

7. Stay Patient

Having patience is essential as a music artist who’s new to the business and scene. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll experience overnight success, and you may have a lot of down days before your future begins to take off in the right direction. Concentrate on all that’s going well for you and what you have to offer and keep going strong in the face of adversity. As a new music artist, it’s crucial you don’t compare yourself to others and expect to be in a strong position right from the beginning. It takes time to create a brand, gain loyal followers and see your hard work pay off, but above all, you can’t give up.


Being a new music artist is a thrilling experience, but it can also be quite frustrating at times. Follow these steps to help you create a more promising path for yourself, so you have a better chance at succeeding over the long-term. Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience because you might only get one shot at making it big. Know yourself and stick to your beliefs and morals to help you navigate the uncertainty that you’ll inevitably encounter along the way.


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How to Grow Your Business in Five Easy Steps

Starting your own business means taking charge of your own future. You aren’t just mindlessly doing what you are told, you are the one in charge. It is your decisions that will make or break your company, and your passion that will drive you towards success. There are so many different definitions of success as well, that unless you give up you are almost guaranteed to reach your goals. Perhaps you want to see your product in stores around the country, or perhaps you want to open your own store, or your ambitions will take you international. In order to achieve your goal, you need to succeed and grow, and to do that you need to follow these steps:

Grow Your Business

Become an Individual Success

Before you run, you need to learn to walk, and in many cases, becoming an individual success is too big of a hurdle to overcome. That is why you need to take every step in stride. The smaller your business, the easier it will be to finance it while it grows. For example, instead of opening a physical store at first you can start a very successful online store and build up a healthy client base and product list right from home. This means you don’t have to cover a lot of costs typically associated with running a store.

Once you are big enough, then you can look at setting up boutiques, then physical stores, and then even partnering with bigger companies so that you can become a household name.

Partner or Merge with Other Companies  

If you become a success, chances are someone else has noticed. Just remember to take any offer with a grain of salt. You don’t want to accidentally sell your company only for it to take off and be worth millions a few years later. The other option is to merge with other small, upstart companies to grow your offer, product range, and reach. For example, if you sell a single vegan shampoo, you can then go and partner with small eco-friendly boutiques around the world. Or alternatively, you can merge, take over, or buy out another company in order to gain their assets.

Hire Solicitors to Facilitate Your Next Move

Regardless of which option you choose, always contact corporate law solicitors before you begin any formal proceedings. Growing is great, but if you accidentally breach local or international law by not going through the correct procedures, your success could be short-lived. Similarly, if you don’t know what you are looking for you could get the raw end of a deal without knowing it. By contacting specialist solicitors, you can ensure you get the best deal and can move forward and grow your success in peace.

Growing your business takes a lot of time. For most companies, growing your business won’t go beyond the first step, but that is okay. Just remember that when you move from step to step that you should always be sure it is what is best for your business.


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