4 Tips on How to Work From Home

4 Tips on How to Work From Home

With the COVID-19 virus mutating into a new strain, we can assume that we will be again in lockdown or limited outside movement will be imposed for a while longer. Unfortunately, many have lost their jobs due to economic fallout. Many businesses have gone out as the ban on public transportation has limited employees from going to work. To remedy this problem, many have adopted the Work From Home Model.

Unfortunately, Work From Home is not a familiar working model in the Philippines. Most Filipinos are used to working inside office spaces or moving into a general location. Socialization is within our blood, so adjusting to an isolated lifestyle can prove to be challenging. Communication issues and such are common concerns as raised by this news article.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and economic instability, people are looking for ways to earn online to make both ends meet.

The trend of being an influencer marketer does not only apply to the younger generation as elderly influencers or what we now call granfluencers has invaded the limelight of social media and influencer space. Many elder people are now interested in learning new trends and becoming more tech-savvy. They build their social media exposure through Instagram or tiktok showcasing their favorite products, so some are being tapped by brands for collaboration.

In my years of administrating this blog, I have written dozens of articles. It ranges from normal lifestyle tips like workouts to more modern like online shopping. I have been working online since 2011, so here are some tips on How to Work From Home.

How to get started

If you wish to take Work from Home seriously, then you need to set up more than a few things.

First, to get job offers, you need to build your online presence. Create an account on an online platform like Linkedin where you can showcase your skills and expertise, milestones, and professional life. It is a widely known site ideal for building connections for potential freelance work.

Second, prepare your resume, cover letter, certificates if there is. Make it concise, your potential client will not be interested in reading a long letter.

Third, you need to set-up an account to where you can receive payment for your services. PayPal, Transferwise, or bank wire transfer are the most common forms of receiving and sending money electronically.

Last is to learn more. Do not settle for only what you know. The more skills you can do, the more likely you’ll get hired. You can find a lot of free online courses and webinars to study and learn more skills like email automation, transcriptions, web research, content writing, and more. Remember to hone your skills by practicing.

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Finding the Right Job

Fortunately, countless online jobs are offered over the internet.

Content creation – Blogging

One of the easiest solutions to monetize your blog is through collaborations with brands who need help with their outreach. Influencer marketing is a viable revenue stream. Once you have established your website, you can start to work from different online platforms that connect brands and bloggers. Also, you can generate passive income through ad placement and affiliate links.

Video Content Creation – Vlogging

Video content creation is not only for famous influencers, newbies can be a vlogger too. Creating relevant and random videos that capture the viewers’ interest can be a goldmine. However, you need to consistently upload new content and work on promoting your video channel to gain more followers before you can apply for monetization.

Online Game Streaming

One of the good side jobs for gamers just like what my son did.

Virtual Assistant

Offering administrative services to clients from a remote location like email management, web research, social media management, data entry, transcriptions, content marketing, video editing, and more.

Creating a Proper Setup and Workspace


Investing in a good working device like a laptop or a desktop is a must to work properly. Most clients will ask for your device specifications depending on your task. Video editing for instance will need a more high-end specification. Additionally, it is recommended to invest in a good noise canceling headset too.


Setting up your workspace nook is also important. You have to take a corner or a room in your home where you can work with fewer distractions. Consider proper lighting and ventilation as you will be working long hours. Though you can work anywhere in the house, a table and a comfortable chair will give you a real work from home office look.

Internet Connection

Aside from a good device, the Internet connection plays a major role when you work from home. Choose the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your vicinity.

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Time Management

The biggest concern with the Work from Home model is managing between household and work responsibilities. This doubles if you are a parent who is raising children, or if all of you only share a single PC or laptop. Set regular work hours if you are on a flexible work time.

Let your family know that you cannot be disturbed during your work hours except for pressing matters or an emergency.

Making a scheduled to-do list will help you manage your time doing house chores, family bonding, and relaxation.

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