5 Facts You Never Knew About Welding

Welding seems like the kind of career you would need to spend years training for before you even get to touch a welding power supply. However, you would be surprised at how quickly you could become a welder, and the benefits of doing so. Not many people consider welding as a career, however there’s no denying the perks of having a career in welding. Here are some interesting – and surprising – facts you never knew about welding.




You don’t need to go to university to become a welder. That’s right. Of course, there are many short courses you can take, and you will need to complete a certificate to trade as a welder, however you are not required to complete a university course to become a certified welder.

Welders have practically endless career paths from which they can choose. Welders are needed more commonly than you think. There is an almost endless choice of industries to work in, and advancement opportunities are also readily available. A few examples of fields where a welder could find their career are: inspection, engineering, robotics, education, project management and sales.

And with those career paths, comes incredible travelling opportunities. Welding is needed everywhere. This means outer space, underwater, on top of buildings and on board ships. Travelling jobs pay very well, and openings are many. In fact, there is a small community of welders who live on the road, and who get paid extremely well to experience the world. The truth is, skilled welders are always in high demand, and they truly needed in every industry from outer space to the bottom-most depths of the earth’s ocean.

Welders have the ability to earn the salary of a lawyer or a doctor. A highly skilled welder can actually generate the income of a lawyer or a doctor, all without the long hard years studying at university to get the degree. Keep in mind, however, that salaries can vary a lot in the welding world. Don’t limit yourself to only doing local jobs, which often don’t require much skill and don’t pay much. However, if you excel in what you do, and are willing to travel for your work, you could be rewarded with a six-figure income, and all the sights and sounds of the world to boot.

The future for welders is bright. In this age, with new energy sources being invented and built on a daily basis, the demand for welders is higher than ever before. No matter what energy source becomes the leader, as long as it is made of metal, welders will be needed. The versatility of a welder, with their unique ability to change industries without changing careers, ensures their financial stability, no matter what the economy is doing.

The truth is, welders are going to be needed as long as the world needs energy, infrastructure and defense products. Not many realise the significance of welders within society, however without them, we would not have half of the resources that we have today. The future continues to glow bright for welders; find yours at


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