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How Best To Invest Money Renovating An Older Property

Some houses can be money pits, so it is always wise to employ a qualified surveyor to carry out a detailed inspection of a property before considering purchasing it. Having said that, older houses that need a lot of work doing to them, are a great way to get a foot on the first rung of the housing ladder.


renovating an older property


Many people would never have been able to buy a home if old, tired houses not available on the market.


If you are reading this, you are probably about to embark on a project restoration of your own. You will find here some helpful information on how best to spend what money you have available on the building.


Make It Watertight

Of course, the first project to undertake is to carry out any roof repairs that are necessary. The roof is protecting the rest of the building and even the tiniest chink in its armour can have catastrophic consequences for the building below. The surveyor will have highlighted any problems with the timbers, tiles, shingles, or thatching that you must address before proceeding.



The wiring in the property  is probably substandard, and a full rewire will be in order. Sometimes this is an irritating expense because there is little to show for your money, but it is a necessary one for safety’s sake. This is your chance, however, to fit extra power outlets, and lighting where it is needed.



If there is a gas supply to the house, install a modern, efficient boiler and central heating system. Homes with central heating are more desirable than those without so, apart from being nice and warm, should you ever decide to sell, it is a point in your favour.


Window Replacement

It is almost certain that the windows will need major restoration or replacement. When replacing the windows, try to remain true to the original look and era of the property. Sash windows were common in older buildings and new hardwood replacements are available on the Sash smart website. Replacing windows needn’t mean using modern uPVC frames.


New Bathroom

The bathroom probably isn’t fit for purpose and will need to be refitted. There are suites designed to be sympathetic with all periods and styles. Paying for high quality fixtures and fittings in the bathroom is definitely money well spent, as you will discover when you take a bath.


New Kitchen

The kitchen is the second most important room to refit, as, along with the bathroom, it has the potential to add a great deal of value to the property. It is important to consider quality when installing a new kitchen as it is the room in the house that will suffer the most wear and tear. High quality units and fittings are now available at reasonable prices.


Damp Proofing

If the property has no damp proof course, it is advisable to pre-empt any problems by having a chemical treatment applied to the walls. This treatment is injected through drilled holes and prevents damp from rising. The surveyor should have given advice about the damp in his survey report.


Renovating an older property is ultimately satisfying, and a good profit can be made from it. Expect some difficult times and cost to be higher than anticipated, and you won’t be disappointed. I wish you well in your project.


Photo credits: commons.wikimedia.org

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