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Five Unique Ideas For A Custom Addition To Your Home

An addition to a home may make better sense than selling your existing home and buying a new one, particularly if you like the location and neighborhood. A renovation will provide the extra room for any number of purposes. Let’s take a look at why some people put additions on their homes.


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Home based business

If you have at least one room in your home that’s solely and exclusively used for business purposes, a tax deduction is available for that part of the home. The addition can cut significantly on commute time, expense and office rental. Doing a little remodeling will allow you to have all the features of an office and make it feel separate from the home.

Hobby room

When you immerse yourself in a hobby like painting or music, you can run out of room in your home quickly. Your family gets tangled up in all that hobby stuff too. A hobby can take up much of a house. A dedicated room frees up the rest of the house so you can enjoy your hobbies without cluttering your home.


A playroom addition relieves your house of clutter and mess and teaches children how to organize and care for their own things. They also define living space. Bedrooms are for sleeping, and playrooms are for hanging out and playing. A home goes through quite a bit of wear and tear with children playing. A durable playroom addition keeps that wear and tear where it belongs. Your house remains spotless.

Home Theater

Everybody can use this room, including the kids, their friends, your friends and your family. Tens of thousands of movies are available now. Why be around the general public at a theater? Fabulous audio and video are available for your home theater addition. You’ll find your own furniture more comfortable too.

Second story extension

These are for single story homes upon which a second story is added. The roof is removed and a second story is built. A new roof is then added and electrical, plumbing and HVAC extended. This is ideal if you have a growing family and want more room in your home.


If you like your location and neighborhood, there’s no reason to make a move if you want a bigger home. You can just build an addition. A custom home builder in Newmarket or city near you can help turn your home renovation ideas into a reality.




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