How To Save Money In The Bathroom

save money in the bathroom

Do you feel like you are spending an excessive amount of money each month and not sure where to cut costs? Well, look no further, the bathroom is the place to start. We spend a lot of money on bathroom products each month that can easily be switched out for a cheaper alternative. I’ve teamed up with The English Shaving Company to give you an insight into how much money we spend in the bathroom. Keep reading for a few of the ways you can save money in the bathroom!

Money Saving Bathroom Alternatives

Safety Razor

One great way to save money in the bathroom is to switch up your shaving routine. You would be surprised by how much money you are spending on disposable razors each year, only for them to all end up in the bin. Although they may appear to be a handy grab-and-go item, the truth is there is a better option out there that will save you money in the long run. 

Safety razors are a fantastic alternative to a disposable razor. Often referred to as a double edged safety razor, this product is something your grandpa would probably be more familiar with, making a huge comeback due to its money saving and eco friendly nature. Although the initial payment is larger than the cost of a pack of disposable razors, if you look after your razor properly it can last you a lifetime. This means that you reduce your yearly cost of constantly buying razors, instead only having to purchase blades to replace when it gets blunt. 

Menstrual Cup

For those of you who don’t know, a menstrual cup is a fantastic new period product that has become popular in recent years. Menstrual cups work similarly to a tampon, but instead of being an item you can only use once, menstrual cups can be reused. 

The silicone material and shape of the cup means they can be emptied out, cleaned, and reused. This will greatly reduce your monthly costs as it’s no secret that although a necessity, period products aren’t exactly cheap. Again the initial payment will be higher than a typical box of tampons, though the fact it can be reused will overall reduce the amount of money you are spending.

Low-Flow Appliances

Low-flow appliances are plumbing fixtures that have been created to use significantly less water than your conventional fixtures. There are several low-flow appliances out there that will reduce your water consumption by at least 20%, this means you will save money on your water bill! 

Bathroom appliances such as toilets and shower heads both have low-flow versions available on the market. As with everything, there is an initial larger payment, but the amount you will save on reducing your water consumption far outweighs this initial cost. 

Electrical Savings

An often overlooked expense in the bathroom is electricity usage. Things like bright lighting, heated towel racks, and underfloor heating can add a large chunk to your monthly electricity bill. Remembering to turn off all your lights and heating every time you leave the bathroom will go a long way to reducing these expenses but if you are a little forgetful than maybe you should look into having an electrician install automatic shutoff timers on certain bathroom appliances. Not only does this save money on electricity but it is also a safety feature, exhaust fans left on far large amounts of time can be a significant fire risk.

What switches will you be making to help you save money in the bathroom? Let me know in the comments below!


Finding the Right Bathroom Vanity and Cabinets

Your bathroom can be turned into a beautiful room that is easy to organize. There are many all wood cabinets available depending on your personal sense of style. You can pick out a vanity that has plenty of storage room to make your life easier. Imagine what your perfect bathroom would look like, and then find a company who offers premium wood choices that will enhance the look of your home.


Find Quality Wood Products

Instead of going with cheaply made products, be sure to buy from a company that offers first-rate wood items. Each piece should be hand inspected for quality so that you can have peace of mind that the product you are buying will last.

Wood Types

The type of wood that you choose for your vanity will make a big difference in its appearance. Popular wood options include walnut, maple, and cherry.

Cabinet Style

Whether you go with a shaker style cabinet or choose raised or flat panels for your decor, you can enjoy sprucing up your bathroom with a vanity that looks the way that you want it to. You may enjoy a modern look or want to go for a more traditional style. Be sure to choose one that looks good and functions well too.

Storage Space

The right vanity will offer enough storage space to meet your needs. Decide on how many drawers you need and how big of a cabinet space you want underneath your sink. You should be sure that your cabinets and drawers will be able to hold all of the items that you require them too.

Hardware Options

When you want your vanity to be personalized, choose quality hardware to help it stand out. There are a variety of different knobs and pulls available. You may be interested in a black, brushed satin nickel, satin nickel, or dark brushed antique copper style. You can enjoy having a personalized option that will help your vanity to look its best.

Choose the right vanity for your home so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. There are many choices, but remember to get one that will look good and offer all of the space that you need for storage.


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No-reno Solutions to Get a New Look Bathroom


Your bathroom might not be the most exciting room in your home. It’s for a practical purpose, although you might also spend time relaxing in there. Even if you’re not going to have tonnes of fun in your bathroom, it can still look good. In fact, most people like their bathroom to look beautiful. Otherwise, it would just be a little depressing. Not to mention that it wouldn’t give a great impression to guests. If you want to update your bathroom, your first thought might be to remodel. But this can mean extensive work, which might take a long time and perhaps get expensive too. If you want to avoid renovation, you could try one of these options instead.

Repaint or Wallpaper

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a new look is to repaint it. A fresh coat of paint could change the room dramatically, depending on what you choose. Many bathrooms stick to neutral colours, but you could be much more playful if you wanted to be. You could use brighter shades or perhaps try out some pastels. However, paint isn’t the only option. You could also use wallpaper to refresh your bathroom. Of course, you have moisture to contend with, as well as heat. However, you can buy special bathroom wallpaper that will withstand both of these things.


Update Your Existing Bath

If you want to give your bath a new look, you don’t have to replace it. You have other options if you feel like a change. One of the things you can do is to remodel your existing bathtub. You can find a company like Service Today Plumbing that offers this service. It works by installing a liner in your bath that gives it a new look. While you can’t change the shape of your bathtub, you can change the colour. This is ideal if your bathroom has an old-fashioned pink or green bath. If you think it’s an eyesore, you can simply turn it white. You can do the same to your shower tray.

Play with Lighting

Your choice of lighting can make a huge difference to your bathroom. It’s relatively easy to change if you want to avoid a complete renovation. You could start by looking at new shades you could use. Find fixtures that you think could elevate the look of your bathroom. You could do a bit of rewiring if you want to install something new. However, you don’t need to do that if you want to change the lighting. You can stick to more straightforward options to make things cheaper and easier.


Update Hardware

You can also change your hardware and accessories for a new bathroom look. Think about things like door handles, taps, and even your shower curtain. A few well-placed accessories can make all the difference in your efforts to update. Something as small as a soap dish might make your bathroom look better.

There’s no need to renovate completely if you want a new look for your bathroom. Some more minor changes could be enough to get your desired effect.

Bathroom Remodel for Elderly Safety

Bathrooms can be one of the major danger zones for the elderly if they are not properly set up. Loss of agility, mobility and strength can make bathing or simply going to the restroom a dangerous endeavor. Slip-and-fall injuries and deaths in the shower happen everyday. Maybe it is time to consider a bathroom remodel to make sure your loved one is safe and can easily use the facilities.

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Raise the Toilet

Sitting down on the toilet when mobility is tough is a setup for injury. Raising the toilet by 3 or 4 inches can make it much easier to use. There are thick seats that can be added or you can install a taller toilet for this purpose.

Easier Shower Access

Showers and tubs can be deadly for seniors. Standard walk-in showers have a lip at the base that can serve to trip and send your loved one tumbling. There are curbless elderly showers and walk-in tubs that provide the safe entry and exit design to keep them safe.

Add Handrails and Non-Skid Mats

It makes sense to add handrails and some type of seating to a shower so that there is adequate support and a place for the senior to rest as they bathe. You might want to consider handrails along the walls as well and near the toilet. Every bit of additional grasping tool and support you can offer will prove helpful for stabilization and balance. Non-skid mats in areas that get wet along with thick non-skid rugs are essential.

Faucet Handles and Detachable Shower Spray Nozzles

Lever style handles for faucets work best when a senior is losing the strength to grip and twist. The shower should have a removable spray nozzle so that they can sit as they bathe. This is not only more comfortable, but a great way to avoid nasty falls and injuries. They can direct the water right where they need it to be.

Contact professionals like to get a fast, free no obligation quote today. You will find the right local contractor that will transform your loved ones bathroom into an area that is safe and usable once again.

3 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom’s Atmosphere


The bathroom in your home is a place to relax and rejuvenate. It’s the place you go to collect your thoughts and enjoy some solitude. If your bathroom is not providing you with these scenarios, then it may be time to improve your bathroom’s atmosphere. There are a number of ways to improve your bathroom, from major changes to little additions.

Some major adjustments to your bathroom include replacing the bath, increasing the area of your shower, adding windows or changing the tiling and colour of the room. These improvements will be some of the best ways to refresh your existing bathroom area. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your bathroom, it will add value to your home and be of benefit if you plan on selling your home in the future. Don’t go another day wishing your bathroom was better, so something about it and improve the atmosphere of your bathroom today.

  1. Retile

A great way to bring new life to your bathroom is by retiling it. It’s not as cheap as putting up a new shower curtain, but it’s not as expensive as putting in a new shower or tub. Get rid of those old vintage tiles that make your bathroom look drab and put in some fresh new tiles. Ensure you pay a professional to do the labour, especially if you’re not confident doing it yourself.

Quick tip: It will be much cheaper to get a professional to do it right the first time. It’s going to be a lot more expensive to get someone to come in and fix any mistakes you’ve made.

  1. Bathtub

You want your bathtub to look great, but more than anything you want to enjoy it. You want to relax and rejuvenate in your bathroom and in your bath! Always sit in a tub before you buy it. Big bathtubs may look great but they might not suit your needs, bigger is not always better. When you are at the shop give it a test run. Assess the angle of the back and where you would rest your head for comfort and neck support.

Quick tip: If you only have space for a small tub, buy a deep one.

  1. Bathroom Vanities

You can get really creative when it comes to the bathrooms vanity. A freestanding vanity may not seem very practical but it has a stunning aesthetic appeal and makes a huge statement. You can also choose from a top mounted or under mount sink. While the top mounted sink provides an elegant look and they are quite popular at the moment, they are not always practical. “When purchasing a sink, focus on the material. Tests showed that the material is more important than the manufacturer. Similar materials performed similarly across brands.”

A under mounted sink is a lot more convenient for cleaning purposes. You also have to think about other member of your family, if you have children, a top mounted sink might not be accessible. Check out steps you need to take if you want to start a family.

Quick tip: Think about your requirements when it comes to storage and accessibility before you make a big decision like remodelling.

Improving the atmosphere of your bathroom can be as simple as giving it a good clean. “Hire cleaners every so often and clean out the bathroom first so they can steam clean in all the corners. Houses are never as clean as when you first move in, so every year or two pay a heavy duty cleaner to give the house a good scrub.” Keep in mind that your bathroom should be a reflection of your personal style. It should also address all your needs, physical and spiritually.


Bathroom Building: What You Need for a Renovation

Building the bathroom takes several types of professionals, such as construction, plumbing, and electrical experts. Grey Bruce custom home builders endeavor to build large, safe, roomy bathrooms with all of the most desired appointments. In most cases, the home builder will act as the general contractor who manages all of the phases of bathroom building and home renovation in Grey Bruce or around the country.


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Start with Planning

All renovation projects begin with a basic plan based on personal needs and preferences. Once the specific renovation needs are determined, the next phase of the project is design by a professional. Building a new, attractive, functional bathroom begins with a custom design. In large homes, bathrooms are constructed in bedrooms, as well as designated areas like a master bathroom. Half bathrooms may adjoin a laundry room, or be included in a basement area. As such, bathrooms are designed with a specific square footage that fit into the home’s basic design. Make sure your design fits the room’s parameters.


Renovations and Repairs

Renovations, repairs, and installation are the third phase of the project. The degree of bathroom renovation will determine the actual needs to complete the project. A construction professional can redesign the configuration of existing walls to expand the size of the bathroom if space is available. They may also relocate bathroom fixtures like a tub or add a free-standing shower. The new design may include relocating the toilet or vanity, to make the room appear more spacious and modern. For the homeowner, this may require consultations with the renovation expert to determine whether new plumbing piping and fixtures are necessary. This depends on the age of the existing bathroom, and the location of water supplies and drains. A bathroom renovation can also include installation of recessed lighting and an exhaust fan. Tub and shower enclosures are also needed to protect from water damage to flooring.


Final Touches

The final phase of completion may include new accessories like cabinetry, designated storage closets, peripheral shelving, window treatments, and choosing coordinating bathroom linens, shower mats, and slip-proof rugs. Decorations should be thought of in terms of necessity first. Get everything needed in first, then think about where to hang that wall painting last.

The major needs for a basic bathroom renovation often include thinking about the toilet, vanity, cabinets, and the shower or tub. Once the planning for each stage is complete it is important to look over what else can be fixed and added to. In no time, you should have the bathroom of your dreams.



Tips to Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams

When it is time to design your new bathroom, you must get it right. After all, it is likely to cost much money, and you will have to live with it for many years to come. A beautiful room can add value to your home and make it easy to sell in the future should you decide to.

You will see thousands of different suites and vanity units, and we cannot recommend one to you because everybody’s taste is different. But there are a few principles you should follow to make sure that your bathroom design will be a success.

Here are some top tips for creating the bathroom of your dreams.


The Kassandra Bay Hotel Interconnecting Family Room bathroom
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Natural Light

As in any room, natural light is a vital feature in this setting. Many bathrooms have tiny windows that do not allow in enough light. Think about enlarging them before you start work on the interior remodelling. A new window frame is inexpensive, and it will only take a builder a day to enlarge the opening and install it. If they fit a new lintel, it might take two days, but that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. The benefits of extra light outweigh the inconvenience of the building work.


Artificial Light

New LED light fittings are perfect for bathrooms. They work on low voltage, and many come with a suitable IP rating that makes them safe for moist atmospheres. These lights will make the glass, and expensive chrome fittings sparkle.



Nowadays it is possible to move your bathroom fittings to any location within the room. Texas Plumbing Diagnostics reckon that modern, flexible pipes can make the job easy. Here are a few things to consider when working on the layout of your project.


  • You will have to move the sewer pipe if you reposition the toilet. The pipe is usually six inches in diameter and is not easy to hide under the floorboards. It might be beneficial to leave it close to its original position to negate the need for extra boxing in the room.
  • We are so used to seeing bathtubs against a wall it is easy to forget that you can install one in the middle of the room. Roll top freestanding baths are en-vogue again and are a stunning feature in most settings, whether they are modern or traditional.
  • You have an opportunity to install two or more sinks for when there is a rush for the bathroom in the morning. This place is the cause of many arguments as people rush to prepare themselves for the day. When you consider the small cost, the argument for an extra sink is compelling.
  • Think about a separate shower cubicle rather than installing one over the bath. Install some high quality sliding glass doors.



The room must be tiled from floor to ceiling if you are to achieve the high-quality ambiance that you seek. The current trend is to use the same product on the floor and walls. Avoid those with intricate patterns; they make the room look smaller than it is. Designers often choose large tiles with natural patterns such as marble or slate.


With the knowledge here, you should be confident in your approach to the room. Remember though, just because you like bright orange, it doesn’t mean everybody else will. White is usually the best color for the suite. I wish you success in your latest project; it is an exciting time.

The Secrets To Brightening Up Your Bathroom In Just One Weekend – Guaranteed

Nobody wants to spend all of their time on home renovations when the sun is shining outside. Life is too short, and we all must make the most of it. People are so proud of their homes sometimes, and spend so much time working on them, that they miss out on other things in life.

Credit to Alex Beattie for this wonderful image


I believe that we should all take pride in the place we live, keep it clean, and make the surroundings pleasant. Then, every five or six years, I perform a major overhaul in some of the rooms.

In the years where I am not taking on a big project, I will just freshen rooms up. I love weekend projects and the one I carried out in the bathroom worked particularly well.

Here is the secret to brightening up the bathroom in just one weekend.



Paint the ceiling with a fresh coat of emulsion. It is cheap and only takes an hour or so to complete. Use a silk product because matt paint will not wipe clean. A roller is still the best way to apply emulsion because it covers a large area quickly and smoothly. Remember to cover the room with sheets before setting to work, or you could have a lot of cleaning up to do.


Vanity Unit

The bathroom vanities take quite a bashing over the years, and they are difficult to freshen up. You will find beautiful new units in the showrooms and online for a very reasonable price. Change the old one for a stunning new unit, it only takes a couple of hours, or even less, if you have knowledge of basic plumbing. It is very straightforward and makes a massive difference to the room.



Over time, the tiles become dull, and the grout gets dirty. The grime is very difficult to clean off unless you have a steam cleaner. The hand held units are marvelous for shifting stubborn dirt and limescale from anywhere in the room. They are cheap and come with a range of accessories for getting into all of the nooks and crannies.



Taps come in standard sizes, so it is quick and easy to replace them with new ones. The only tools you will need are a some adjustable grips and spanners. Turn the water supply off first and let the taps run until the water ceases to flow and then set to work on swapping them. The biggest problem with the job is access. Sometimes you must work in a very confined space. Even so, it shouldn’t take more than three hours to swap the bath and basin taps.



If you have a tiled floor, clean it with the steamer. If not, think about putting down some new vinyl. There is plenty to choose from in the shops and it is ideally suited to this application. Take your time cutting it to do a good job, and it should only take an hour or two to fit.


So there it is, a bathroom makeover in just one weekend. Some things were replaced, and others cleaned or painted to give the overall impression of a new room. If you follow this example, you will not waste a large chunk of your life working on what is a pointless exercise in the great scheme of things. Concentrate on the important things in life; enjoy it!

5 Things Everyone Should Include in a Bathroom Makeover

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Every year, if we can afford it, it is good to get started on one major project in the home. Building and creating are just a part of our genes. There are certain things we can do that are almost guaranteed to add value to our homes if they are carried out to a reasonable standard. Improvements include:


  • New roof.
  • Gutters and soffits.
  • New windows.
  • Extension.
  • Conservatory.
  • Loft conversion.
  • New kitchen.
  • New bathroom.


There are other renovations and building projects; these are just the most obvious ones that spring to mind. We are going to investigate in this article, what to consider and include when renovating your tired old bathroom.



The first, and very important, thing to consider is the physical size of the room. No bathroom can be too big. If you have an adjacent, unused bedroom, would it be possible to move the partition wall sideways a couple of feet to increase the size of the bathroom? This is not always possible, but it is well worth checking out if the bedroom isn’t used. With a modern house, the wall may be constructed of timber frame and plasterboard finish. These are easy to move.



A separate shower cubicle,rather than a bath shower, is standard in modern bathroom design these days. Think big, however, and squeeze a double sized cubicle in, with a shower at either end. This can put an end to those moody, rushed mornings when couples are competing to get ready for work. Another question is what type of shower to install. Electric showers are simple to fit and can work independently. Unless a high quality one is fitted, however, they are prone to temperature changes when the water pressure drops or increases. Power showers fare better with pressure changes as the water to the shower is controlled by a pump.



Think along the same lines as with the shower. Two basins are better than one. Now you will appreciate the extra room gained by moving the wall. Compliment the twin basins by installing high quality bathroom taps and accessories such as towel rails.


Whirlpool Bath

Why not be the envy of your friends and neighbours with a whirlpool bath or jacuzzi? The chances are that this project is costing a lot of money already so another thousand pounds or so may not be too bad. For arthritis sufferers, they are the best invention since sliced bread.



A good lighting system in the bathroom will make the furniture and fittings gleam. Recessed ceiling lights are standard now, but they can be complemented with an illuminated bath panel, task lighting by the mirror, and even illuminated floor tiles. The mind boggles at the choices on the market.


After choosing the suite for you and following the above points, your bathroom will be on target to look stunning. It will soon be time to consider the wall coverings and flooring. The trend these days is to tile them with the same, or matching tiles. Alternatively, laminate flooring or modern vinyl will be the best choice for you. Only you can decide this; it is a matter of taste.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you have found some useful information to take away and apply in your own home. For now, I will leave you in the hope that your bathroom turns out just the way you hoped. Be bold.




Stellar Bathroom: Five Distinct Bathroom Upgrades

If you want to give your bathroom an upgrade, there are a number of ways to do this. However, there are a few remodeling trends that you’ll want to include in your bathroom that will make the space especially functional, and even make your home more marketable when you decide to sell it.

stellar bathroom


Tiles made of glass installed on the wall and in the shower will give your bathroom an elegant look that will make you think you’re in a resort spa. The tiles also have a relaxing and tranquil appearance, and a combination of clear, blue and green shades can even make the bathroom look like its underwater.

For a vintage look, you may want to go with subway tile. The off-white color looks great with an accent wall of any color, and goes well in a bathroom with an antique sink or bathtub.

Of course, quality tile that matches your personal style is essential to your being satisfied with the results when the remodel is complete. Resources like Tile Mega Mart or your local home improvement store will provide you with appealing options for your bathroom renovation.

An Updated Showerhead

A new showerhead that has a variety of settings can substantially enhance the functionality of your bathroom. And this renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. Choosing a showerhead with massage or a variety of water speed features can help to relax your body and make your home more appealing during a sale. It’s also a good idea to install a group of showerheads can also make the shower spa-quality. If you want to make even more changes to your shower, adding large tiles to the floor or installing marble or glass tile walls can make the bathroom even more luxurious.

In-Floor Heating

While a quality heating system in the bathroom is always a plus, an in-floor heating system is particularly impressive. This is often more budget-friendly than more conventional heating systems, and is particularly soothing to your feet after stepping out the shower, especially during the colder months of the year.


Mirrors can make the bathroom space appear bigger. A series of small mirrors on a small wall in the bathroom give the area more texture and match with any color decor you’ve chosen for the area. Framed mirrors are also on-trend for decorating the bathroom: a framed mirror over the sink or attached to the largest wall in the bathroom adds refinement to the bathroom without your having to spend a fortune.

Beautiful Lighting

A small chandelier in the bathroom can make the space bright and give the room a fancy appearance. Accent lighting on the shelves where the towels and washcloths are stored, as well as in the bathtub and sink areas is a practical yet attractive touch that will never go out of style.

These bathroom adjustments do wonders to improve the look and overall quality of the space. Before you get started, be sure to meet with qualified contractors who can recommend the best renovation products and give you a realistic time frame for project completion.