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Bathroom Remodel for Elderly Safety

Bathrooms can be one of the major danger zones for the elderly if they are not properly set up. Loss of agility, mobility and strength can make bathing or simply going to the restroom a dangerous endeavor. Slip-and-fall injuries and deaths in the shower happen everyday. Maybe it is time to consider a bathroom remodel to make sure your loved one is safe and can easily use the facilities.

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Raise the Toilet

Sitting down on the toilet when mobility is tough is a setup for injury. Raising the toilet by 3 or 4 inches can make it much easier to use. There are thick seats that can be added or you can install a taller toilet for this purpose.

Easier Shower Access

Showers and tubs can be deadly for seniors. Standard walk-in showers have a lip at the base that can serve to trip and send your loved one tumbling. There are curbless elderly showers and walk-in tubs that provide the safe entry and exit design to keep them safe.

Add Handrails and Non-Skid Mats

It makes sense to add handrails and some type of seating to a shower so that there is adequate support and a place for the senior to rest as they bathe. You might want to consider handrails along the walls as well and near the toilet. Every bit of additional grasping tool and support you can offer will prove helpful for stabilization and balance. Non-skid mats in areas that get wet along with thick non-skid rugs are essential.

Faucet Handles and Detachable Shower Spray Nozzles

Lever style handles for faucets work best when a senior is losing the strength to grip and twist. The shower should have a removable spray nozzle so that they can sit as they bathe. This is not only more comfortable, but a great way to avoid nasty falls and injuries. They can direct the water right where they need it to be.

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