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Home Safety Tips for Families with Toddlers

Home Safety Tips for Families with Toddlers

Home safety is important at any age. However, it can be far more challenging when a member of the family is too young to understand the danger. Toddlers are curious little people. They want to explore the world. This is healthy behaviour, but it can lead to some hazardous situations.

Your home should be a safe haven for everyone in your family. While nothing can replace old fashioned supervision, we asked the team at Connect Electric Adelaide to give us some to lower your child’s risk of injury. The following tips will help you toddler-proof your home.


  • Use Outlet Protectors Everywhere – Use outlet protectors throughout your home. Any outlet that isn’t in use should be covered. This is important in playrooms, or anywhere your child frequents. However, don’t overlook spaces where your little one doesn’t usually go. They may wander in one day when you aren’t looking.
  • Secure Electronic Devices – Toddlers love to imitate the things they see mommy, daddy, sister, or brother doing. That can include plugging and unplugging electronic devices. To minimise risk, keep your devices secure. Sound systems, Blu-ray players, and other electronics can be stored in a cabinet or entertainment unit with doors.
  • Store Excess Cord Away from Play Areas – If a device has excess cord, store it neatly out of sight. You may need to tuck it behind furniture or use a tie to bundle the unused length. It will be less tempting if your child cannot see it. Organised cord is also less likely to become a tripping hazard.
  • Trim Branches Away from Power Lines – Children love to climb. Make sure branches are trimmed away from power lines in your yard. Your toddler may touch or dangle from a tree if the branches are low enough. This can be dangerous if higher boughs are too close to power lines. Your utility company may handle the job, or you can contact a professional to remove problem branches safely.
  • Replace Old or Malfunctioning Appliances – If you have old or malfunctioning appliances, update them with a newer model. Today’s products tend to have more safety features. This will help keep your toddler and everyone else in your household safe.
  • Install RCD Protection in Your Home – RCD refers to a residual current device. This tool monitors current in your home and cuts it off when it identifies abnormal changes, like current flowing through a person. It won’t completely prevent a shock, but it will lower the risk of serious injury or death.
  • Keep Bathroom & Kitchen Appliances Out of Reach – Bathroom and kitchen appliances are concerning because they are kept close to water supplies. Store these out of reach of toddlers. That includes objects like hairdryers, curling irons, and toasters. Anything that a child could pick up or knock into a sink or tub should be stored and used out of reach.

Start Teaching Toddlers the Fundamentals of Safety

Start teaching the fundamentals of safety early. Toddlers may not understand the technology, but they will eventually know when it is bad to touch something. Set rules and repeat them clearly and often. It could save your little one’s life one day.

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