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Home Design Basics: Six Tips To Spruce Up Your Patio

Home Design Basics: Six Tips To Spruce Up Your Patio

While many people focus on rooms in the house for home improvement, the yard and patio often get neglected. A great way to boost the enjoyment of the outdoor areas of your home is improve your patio area. Here are six great ways to spruce up your patio.

Add landscaping

Your patio can have a very barren industrial feel without plants and shrubs around. If you have areas around your patio where you can plant greenery, do so. If not, use pots and planters strategically placed around the patio to add some life to the area. You can use different plants and flowers at different times of the year, making this area of your home always feeling fresh and updated.

Build a fire pit

Being able to build a fire when you are outside can give your patio that campfire feel while also keeping the bugs away and keeping you warm on cool nights. Depending on your type of patio, you may be able to dig a fire pit in the middle or off to one side. If you can’t or don’t want to physically dig into your patio, you can buy portable fire pits that will do the trick.

Get patio furniture

You can’t enjoy your patio without places to sit and tables to eat at. Adding patio furniture will greatly enhance your patio and increase your enjoyment. Chairs, tables and couches placed strategically throughout your patio can make it a great place to entertain. You can find Design Furnishings package deals online to create an inviting atmosphere in your yard without breaking the bank.

Add water elements

A good way to make your patio a relaxing retreat is to add water elements. An electric fountain is an easy way to add the soothing sounds of water to your patio. If you want to get more involved, digging a trough through your yard for a stream is a way to do that.

Made in the shade

Unless you use your patio for sun bathing, you probably want to be out of the sun as much as possible. Increasing the amount of shade you have will help you do this. If you can, move furniture and other items to areas that are shaded by trees. You can also increase shade by planting more trees or adding trees in planters. An alternative if you can’t increase your use of trees is to use more patio umbrellas.

Add a permanent cover

A permanent cover to your patio will help solve your shade problem and also allow you to use your patio on rainy days. A retractable canvas canopy is one good option. You might also opt for a permanent metal or wood overhang.


Using these six ideas can help you utilize your patio to its fullest potential. With the right steps, you can enjoy spending time in your yard all year long.



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