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Joy’s Flair’s Christmas Wish List

Being a work at home mom, I keep on trying to manage my time and look for ways to finish my daily house chores and meet the deadlines of my online tasks as well.  It is not easy especially since it has been months now that I do not have a househelper. It is really very exhausting to do chores alone, so whenever I come across with a new technology cleaning tool like the Tornado Mop and automatic washing machine that I posted in my notepadcorner.com blog, which could help me finish my chores in no time, I really save hard to buy it. Now that Christmas is fast approaching I made a wish list including the essential things I needed to keep our home clean and tidy.

It does not matter even if I do not get everything on the list below. Receiving two or three would definitely please my heart 🙂 

A new bigger vacuum set to efficiently take out the accumulating cobwebs on the ceilings.

A new two door no-frost refrigerator, our old fridge consumes time as it is needed to be defrosted weekly because the freezer creates thick ice fast no matter how low I adjust the settings as if it’s always on a winter wonderland, ahaha.

I wish to have a dishwasher; our kitchen sink will always be clean of unwashed plates, cups and water glasses.

New linens, bedcovers, pillow cases, and curtains

An external 2 terabyte hard disk to back up all my blog files

A set of microwave safe baking utensils

That’s all for the moment, I couldn’t think of anything else yet. All I want for Christmas are things for our humble abode that could be useful for a well-organized homemaking.


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  1. I want terabyte too but just to store my koreanovela lol, they said that kind of freezer is more consumable in electricity, i also wanted washing machine that is fully autumated but for now just using conventional, merry christmas mam joy miss u po

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