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How To Give Your Home A Unique Look Without Going Overboard

A home simply isn’t yours until its been stamped with your unique personality. That stamp may be whimsical, flamboyant, or sedate depending upon who you are, what your tastes are, and all the people who live within it. Here are six ways to add your home a unique look or touch that won’t take you over the top when it comes to the budget.

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Introduce Greenery with a Vertical Herb Garden

Add life to your kitchen by constructing shelving for herbs on a bare interior wall and stock the finished product with cuttings of your culinary favorites. To ensure that the growing herbs get enough light, place grow lights in track lighting on the ceiling. Not only will your kitchen be more appealing, but the dishes you serve up will be more aromatic and tasty, as well.

Include a Gaming Area in Your Dining Room

Consider trading in your old dining room table for one that does double duty as a pool or ping pong table. It’s a great way to relax with friends or engage in friendly family rivalry after dinner in done. Make sure that the table is well-designed and easy to change back and forth between uses so that you are able to regularly take advantage of these sporting activities.

Spruce Up Your Exterior by Replacing Doors and Windows

Nothing dates a house more than tired looking doors and windows. You can add a splash of color and get the added benefit of lower energy bills when you update these. While standard white doors will do the job, consider purchasing a door with color or some intricate and inviting detail that brings a smile to your face every time you come home.

Add Custom Baskets to Tie Your Look Together

Purchase some plain baskets for your bathroom, bedrooms, or other living areas. Apply leftover paint from the walls onto the baskets for a finished look that will tie your room together. Get creative and use new or old baskets and apply the paint to all or just a portion of them.

Decorate Your Kitchen with Stylish and Functional Implements

Many kitchen tools are designed for both beauty and use. Burrow through your kitchen cupboards and drawers and pull out your favorite cooking tools to put on display. As a bonus, you’ll be surprised how much more efficient your redesign will be when you are cooking.

Think Accent When Shopping for Lamps

Lamps should always do double duty. Not only do they shed light on your home, they are also sculptural and are an easy way to add needed accent colors. When it comes to personality, lamps are loaded with it. This is a great way to bring in color and style to a room without costing a fortune.


Your home should be a reflection of you. Pull together a color palette and don’t be afraid to use it. By placing your own personality stamp on your house, you will create a home that welcomes you warmly at the end of the day. Informational credit to Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd.


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