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Making a house a home

If you’ve just moved into a new property, or your home is simply feeling a bit lacklustre, there are some simple ways you can make your home feel warm and inviting. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways…

Mood lighting

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Constantly having a harsh, bright ceiling light beaming down on you can make your home seem sterile and unhomely, especially in the living room. Living rooms were designed to be cosy, so achieve this by introducing a selection of lamps into your room. These will provide you with all the light you require, while being less harsh than a ceiling light. Go for lamps with white fabric shades to diffuse a softer light.



Whether it’s a romantic meal, or simply to help you unwind after a long day, candles should feature in every home. On winter nights, candles will make your home seem warm, cosy and welcoming. In addition, go for a scented candle and let the smell drift throughout your house. The gingerbread cookie candle, available from Best Kept Secrets, is a must-have, as this classic fragrance will fill your house with the homely smell of fresh baking. You can get some great candle holders too, to really make a statement with your candles.

Soft furnishings

Cushions and throws can work wonders in making a room seem more welcoming. Put an array of cushions, of different textures, shapes and sizes, on your bed or sofa to instantly make them seem more comfortable. Likewise, throws and blankets are perfect for snuggling up in on a winter’s evening. Colour wise, you should avoid cold shades, like light blue or sterile white, which will only make your room seem more alienating. Instead go for warm colours, like rich reds, earthy browns and vibrant purples. These will add a homely touch to even the coldest rooms.

Following these simple tips will completely transform your house into a home, without blowing the budget.

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