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Adorning a dream called “House”

A house is not just a four walled structure made of brick and mortar, but a dream that every human cherishes. One’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to bedecking his flat. The furniture, interiors, upholstery, flooring and every single detail is looked into and nothing short of the best is chosen.
Living in one’s own house is a dream come true for many and it adds to one’s pride and happiness. Decorating shouldn’t be hard; with Bombay Company churning out some of the finest decor, it is just a matter of choice to be made. Options to buy decor are many as they offer furniture and other forms of home decor specially designed to suit one’s impeccable taste.

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The must haves when one goes to buy decor at Bombay are:

Artifacts: These are attractive and versatile pieces that can be placed anywhere in the house and used in various forms to accentuate the look of the house. Popular artifacts used are potteries with traditional designs and carvings, sculptures, ceramic latticed lamp holders, mirrors with intricate rims or antique clocks.

Furniture: These days furniture is not just a form of utility but a major ingredient to give an aesthetic touch to the house. Imported furniture has become a rage and the bulky wooden furniture of the past has given way to chic and stylized furniture catering to bedroom, living room and children’s room, which not only saves space but also gives a nifty look.

Upholstery: Not only furniture but upholstery also plays a great look in decorating the house. Everything right from the bed-cover and cushion covers to curtains and table cloth adds a touch of warmth to the interiors. Upholstery with rich fabric, colors and design are instrumental in changing the face of the house.

Gorgeous accessories: Other accessories like decorative candle-holders, photo frames, flower vases and bar accessories go that extra mile in giving a stylized look to the house.

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