The best place to store a perfume

It was in my teenage years then when I became curious why my mom keeps her facial creams, perfumes, colognes and other make ups inside our refrigerator. Strange isn’t it? My mom said that the refrigerator is the best place to store a perfume to prevent it from spoiling.

The fridge can store other things more than just food. Keeping it organized to set things and food in order so it will not look messy and cluttered is important.

Normally, the shelf life of a fragrance is two years and the major causes why it spoils are heat and light. We usually place our beauty supplies, colognes, perfumes and make ups on our dresser, unless the room where your dresser is located is air-conditioned, then these beauty stuffs will just be fine.  However, we cannot just turn on our cooling system 24 hours just for the sake of our cosmetics, so the most practical way to prolong and keep them in the best condition is the refrigerator.

I noticed that when I leave my perfume on the dresser it usually go over in less than a year no matter how big its size is. Mom is right, just like wine it needs a constant temperature and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Furthermore, anti-aging creams will retain its effectiveness if it is fresh rather than when the its components are separating from each other, like for instance during the summer days, try putting a facial cream on top of your dresser then open it after several days, you will see the oil disjoins from the mixture likewise with a lipstick that sweats and melts.

Hence, it is wise to refrigerate scents to preserve its sweet scent at the same time will help your perfume to last till the very last drop.


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