A masculine scent to attract women

Scent is one of the mighty ways to attract women because women by nature have a keener and heightened sense of smell. It is considered a strong aspect when it comes to attraction. Men are most attractive when they smell good, a real turn on.

I love the fresh smell of my husband’s after shave lotion, the clean scent of the bath soap plus wearing his favorite perfume brightens up my day :). These two fragrances are my husband’s and sons’ favorite.

Perry Ellis cologne eau de toilette

Cool Water Davidoff

However, it  is advisable to wear on perfume after a bath or shower on freshly worn clothes for  no matter how much expensive your body spray is and how large amount you spray on a cologne or perfume if proper hygiene is not observed it will not bring out the best result otherwise will form a stinking odor.

It is not always the face value that most women look into men, trimmed and primed fingernails, tidy clothes; neat haircut, sparkling teeth/fresh breath and fresh scent are the most common factors which can have a great impact on the ways how to attract a woman.

Masculine scent can be refreshing, energizing and uplifting and can give a sense of calm to a woman.

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