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Six Home Improvement Projects That Can Make Your Home Feel More Inviting

If you are trying to sell your home, or even if you are just getting it ready for guests or giving it a makeover, there are DIY projects you can do to make your home feel more inviting. Doing small changes around the house can add up to making a big difference. Here are six home improvement projects that can make any home welcoming.


This cost-effective improvement will make any home look fresh, clean, and updated. Neutral colors appeal to most people, so a house can become more inviting if a harsh color is painted over with a neutral one. At such a low cost, this is a great project to start with while trying to get a home to be more welcoming.

Plant a Tree

Having shade trees in a yard make homes more desirable. They are good for the environment and pleasant on the eyes. Trees add curb appeal to the home. Shrubs and plants also add curb appeal by making a house look more like a home. Planting native plants that require little water and maintenance are easy to keep beautiful.

Update the Kitchen

During parties, everyone always tends to gather in the kitchen. A kitchen should be clean and inviting. Updating small things like cabinet door pulls and the sink faucet can make a kitchen look more modern. Adding some updating lighting can also make the space seem inviting. Replacing old seat cushions is also a fast way to make a big difference.

Visually Increase the Space

Cramped and cluttered homes tend to be less inviting. Visual square footage can be increased by replacing heavy draperies with vertical blinds to let sunlight in. A sunny room will feel larger than a dark room. Another way to make a room seem bigger is to clear out clutter. The more furniture and stuff a room is holding, the less inviting it will feel.

Improve Lighting

Lighting sets the mood and tone of your home. If you have harsh fluorescent lights, it can be difficult to feel relaxed. Consider adding more lighting in home, and dimmers, to control the lighting better. You can also add security lights outside of your home to make it look more inviting after the sun goes down. It’s important to get the help of professionals like those from All American Air & Electric, Inc. when you add or update lighting in the home.

Make the Front Door Inviting

One of the first things guests will see is the front door, which is its focal point. Giving it a pop of color or installing a decorative door are two things that will make a home more inviting. Clean off the knob, and polish the fixtures. The entry should reflect the interior of the home, so make it a good first impression.

These six home improvements can make a huge difference when trying to make a home more inviting. These are small changes that all add up to a big difference.

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