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The Secrets To Brightening Up Your Bathroom In Just One Weekend – Guaranteed

Nobody wants to spend all of their time on home renovations when the sun is shining outside. Life is too short, and we all must make the most of it. People are so proud of their homes sometimes, and spend so much time working on them, that they miss out on other things in life.

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I believe that we should all take pride in the place we live, keep it clean, and make the surroundings pleasant. Then, every five or six years, I perform a major overhaul in some of the rooms.

In the years where I am not taking on a big project, I will just freshen rooms up. I love weekend projects and the one I carried out in the bathroom worked particularly well.

Here is the secret to brightening up the bathroom in just one weekend.



Paint the ceiling with a fresh coat of emulsion. It is cheap and only takes an hour or so to complete. Use a silk product because matt paint will not wipe clean. A roller is still the best way to apply emulsion because it covers a large area quickly and smoothly. Remember to cover the room with sheets before setting to work, or you could have a lot of cleaning up to do.


Vanity Unit

The bathroom vanities take quite a bashing over the years, and they are difficult to freshen up. You will find beautiful new units in the showrooms and online for a very reasonable price. Change the old one for a stunning new unit, it only takes a couple of hours, or even less, if you have knowledge of basic plumbing. It is very straightforward and makes a massive difference to the room.



Over time, the tiles become dull, and the grout gets dirty. The grime is very difficult to clean off unless you have a steam cleaner. The hand held units are marvelous for shifting stubborn dirt and limescale from anywhere in the room. They are cheap and come with a range of accessories for getting into all of the nooks and crannies.



Taps come in standard sizes, so it is quick and easy to replace them with new ones. The only tools you will need are a some adjustable grips and spanners. Turn the water supply off first and let the taps run until the water ceases to flow and then set to work on swapping them. The biggest problem with the job is access. Sometimes you must work in a very confined space. Even so, it shouldn’t take more than three hours to swap the bath and basin taps.



If you have a tiled floor, clean it with the steamer. If not, think about putting down some new vinyl. There is plenty to choose from in the shops and it is ideally suited to this application. Take your time cutting it to do a good job, and it should only take an hour or two to fit.


So there it is, a bathroom makeover in just one weekend. Some things were replaced, and others cleaned or painted to give the overall impression of a new room. If you follow this example, you will not waste a large chunk of your life working on what is a pointless exercise in the great scheme of things. Concentrate on the important things in life; enjoy it!

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