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Top 5 Neutral Living Room Design Ideas

There’s something effortlessly stylish about a neutral living room. Clean, calm and relaxing, neutral living rooms are a reoccurring trend in living room designs.

Neutral colour schemes flow naturally from one room to another and if done correctly, they can strike the perfect balance between clean, casual and cosy.


neutral living room


Read on to find out how to create your perfect haven of peace and tranquillity using neutral colours.


Pay attention to textures

You can make a neutral colour scheme warmer by using soft and inviting fabrics. A fluffy sheepskin rug or velvet cushions add depth and a richness to your interior design – stopping neutral becoming ‘bland’.

Think about this when you’re choosing the fabric for your sofa and your carpets. A lovely fabric can make all the difference and you could even choose pleated blinds to create an interesting window design.


Keep large pieces of furniture one colour

Choosing a cream sofa to match your neutral walls and carpet helps keep your living room design simple.

With the main pieces of furniture all one colour, you can have more fun playing around with accessories – changing them to fit the latest trends if you enjoy redecorating often.

Use the plain colours of your walls, carpet and sofas as the canvas and use cushions, ornaments, mirrors, wooden furniture pieces and Thomas Sanderson window blinds to make the design more interesting.


Muted pastel colours

This is a great way to add a hint of colour to your living room without letting the colours overpower the room.

What’s more, little touches of colour here and there make your room look effortlessly chic and the muted colours add to the room’s warmth.


Use neutral browns instead of whites

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a neutral colour scheme has to be white. Stick to muted and cosy browns to make your living room feel warm and comforting.

Choose a brown leather sofa, a light brown for the walls and a cream carpet to create this basic look, and then use muted coloured accessories to add some finishing touches.


White gloss tables and doors

Give your neutral living room a fresh, contemporary look with white gloss. It brightens up the room and turns an ordinary coffee table into a signature piece. Shutters are a great way to control the light that enters a room.

Make your furniture and doors even more striking by adding dark handles for an evening more striking look.


Don’t forget grey

You may think of it as boring but grey can actually be used to create a very powerful neutral look. Mix and match darker and lighter tones to create contrast and paint your walls on off-white colour to stop your room getting too dark.


Image credits to: thomas-sanderson.co.uk

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