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Improve Your Home! Five Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Property

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Are you thinking about selling your house? This time of year you’re probably spending more time at home than you have throughout the whole of the summer, and chances are you’re looking around yourself and thinking about changes that you’d like to make – not least, moving somewhere new. But before you can do that, you need to sell your current house! Here are some ways that you can improve your home value before you put it on the market…

Remodel Your Kitchen


Ideally, your kitchen should be a family hub and the centre of a household, so it’s important that you make sure that your kitchen reflects that. Make sure there’s plenty of storage space and that your kitchen is very easy to use and accessible for cooks of all different ability levels. Repaint your cabinets and add fresh knobs and handles if you don’t want to go for a full remodel.

Renovate Your Bathroom


People expect very high standards from the bathrooms in their potential new homes at the moment. Install a power shower and make sure that your tiles are in muted, neutral colours. Comfort is a key factor in your bathroom, so you could think about adding a heated towel rail. If your home is a family house, make sure there’s plenty of storage and space to bath young children, but if it’s a sleek inner city apartment, you can go a little more modern and minimalist in your design.

Get Your Roof Fixed


One thing that will really put any buyers off is any structural flaws, so it’s essential that you check out a website like www.insuranceroofing.com.au to update your roof and make sure that it hasn’t got any broken tiles and that it isn’t likely to start leaking any time soon. If there are any real faults then you should get it re-roofed before you put your house on the market – potential buyers will be put off by any massive repairs they might have to undertake.

Landscape Your Garden


Make sure that you take a look at both your front and back gardens, and consider how you could improve them. Hire a landscaper for some ideas if you aren’t very green-fingered. Make sure that your grass is neatly cut and the potential is easily visible, even if it isn’t a long established garden. Add a deck and make sure you put out a chair and tables so people can see how they can use the space.

Fix The Superficial Flaws


If your house is generally not in amazing shape, now is the time to fix it. Go around your house with a tool kit and oil creaking hinges, repaint peeling paint, and fix any dripping taps or draughty windows. Although people won’t be too worried about a few small issues, if there are a lot of them then it might make your house into too daunting a project to take on – and people might think that it indicates you haven’t been taking good care of the house in other ways so there could be bigger problems.

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