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5 Awesome Interior Design Tips to Help You Relax at Home

We are living in a demanding world, of that there is no doubt. Considering that we are one of the richest countries in the world, why is it so hard to make ends meet? I think the problem is that the bulk of the countries wealth lies in the hands of a privileged few.


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We fight our way through the daily grind, trying to earn a crust, and our senses are bombarded constantly with technology. Telephones and computer screens raise our stress levels to the point at which we feel that we are going to explode. At the end of the day, however, we can return home and slam the door behind us, shunning the outside world.


Yes, at last we are home. The need to relax is all important in preparing us for the next day and our homes need to facilitate this. Here are some of my top tips for creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind in the evenings.


Luxurious Flooring

Laying high quality carpet in your home will enable you to take off shoes and slippers and feel the opulence underfoot. Our feet, surprisingly, greatly affect our feeling of anxiety. This is why a whole industry has grown up around reflexology in the last five years. Let your feet breath and feel warm on new carpet. This is the most important tip.



Do you own the latest designer sofa that came from a well known outlet, for only a couple of hundred pounds? You made a big mistake and wasted hard earned money. Consider replacing it with something a little more luxurious; a Chesterfield sofa, for example, is guaranteed to settle you, comfortably, into a relaxed state. Splash out on the finer things in life; it is a good investment.

A memory foam mattress on the bed will work wonders for your quality of sleep. They are very expensive to buy but will last for many years. Bed springs are becoming a thing of the past.



If your main rooms are painted in a bright colour, they are bound to have an affect on your ability to reach a calm state. Paint your rooms with neutral colours or opt for darker, rich tones such as maroon or plumb. Colour has been scientifically proven to affect mood.



If you are still relying on central ceiling lights in all of your rooms, it is time to move into the 21st century. Install different lighting schemes, such as alcove lighting, under cupboard kitchen lighting and even concealed table lamps, all over the house. These alternative methods will calm the feel of a room by adding highlights and shadows. Remove fluorescent light fittings as a priority as the horrible flickering and quality of light is not good for the mood you are trying to achieve.


Keep Nice and Tidy

I find it impossible to relax in a cluttered room. Sort out all of your stuff. I bet a lot of it hasn’t been seen for years and will not be missed if it is thrown away. Stow away anything you are keeping in cupboards or on shelves where they should be. Keeping tidy will help you reach that zen like state of mind.


By following all of the above points, and any other steps you can think of, your home will become a peaceful haven from the rest of the world and a place to be envied. You have taken great strides in your quest to inner tranquility and are now able to shrug of the daily stresses with the closing of a door. Who could ask for more?

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