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How to Prepare Your New Home Before You Move in

You never want to move into a new house without preparing the property first. A new house will likely need some work that is better done in advance. Here are a few ways to prepare your new home before you move in and make sure your new house is suited to you.

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Schedule a Thorough Cleaning

Schedule a thorough cleaning for every part of the house. This should include scrubbing the walls, ceilings, and floors. Have carpets steam cleaned. Make sure areas like the basement and attic are cleaned. Clean under sinks, inside cabinets, and behind drawers. Hiring professional cleaners can help get the job done more quickly.
Paint the Walls

Paint the walls inside your new house before moving in. It is much easier to paint everything when the rooms are completely empty. Painting before you move in also allows time for the paint to dry and for the fumes to dissipate, so you can put in that new furniture right away.
Add Window Dressings

Install your window dressings before moving in. This will allow you to close the curtains or blinds while you are inside of the house. Window dressings will prevent neighbors and criminals from looking into your house while you are moving in and unpacking.
Update the Lawn
You do not want to have to deal with your lawn after moving into a new house, so be sure you have time to update the yard before moving in. You could choose to have new Vancouver sod installed to replace worn grass, or you might want to reseed the lawn so it looks more attractive and healthy.Western Turf Farms Ltd recommend doing a walkthrough of the whole place so you can see where improvements should be made. If you take care of this before moving in, then you will not have to deal with tools or workers on your lawn later.
Have Security or Automation Systems Installed

If you are going to have a new security or home automation system installed, then have this done before you move in. The installers will have a much easier time placing different devices, cameras, and controls if they do not have to work around furniture and personal possessions. This also makes your house safe and functional from the moment you arrive.
Change All the Locks

A final thing to do is to change all the locks. Change the locks on the front and back doors. Change the locks on the exterior and interior garage doors. You want to change all the locks since you do not know who might have gotten a key to the house while it was for sale.

Your new house is probably never going to be empty again. You want to take every opportunity to make repairs and changes while the house is unoccupied. Preparing your home before you move in will make everything more comfortable and convenient from the start.


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