6 Tips to keep your kitchen clean

The kitchen is the most important place at home. It is a place where we cook our everyday meal and is more likely to get dirty, greasy and messy. Keeping it clean and maintaining it is crucial for the overall health of your family.


Check out some of the interesting kitchen cleaning hacks detailed below:

  1.    Use your sink effectively

As you work in the kitchen, more vessels get used and cleaning up everything at the end is more challenging. The best way to make it easy is to fill up the sink with soapy water. As and when you finish using the vessels, dump them all into the sink. Let it get soaked, while you finish off the cooking. At the end rinse them off in the clean water and wipe it off.

  1.    Keep your oven clean

Oven tends to get very dirty as you use it often. Some of the clever tricks can make your life simple. Place an oven liner mat at the bottom of your oven. When the food is baking, it is prone to spill out or ooze out juices. An oven mat can hold all this and prevent the oven from getting messier. It is also easier to clean the oven mat when compared to the oven itself.

  1.    Keep the Fridge mess free

A fridge is a place where we store almost 50% of our kitchen items and hence, it is prone to get messy. Ensure to place a cookie sheet before placing a packet of meat, this can absorb dripping and avoid fridge contamination. Also, ensure to wipe off the fridge shelf space, before placing the bottles of dressing like salsa, ketchup, mayonnaise etc.

  1.    Place the cooking oil bottles carefully

If there is one thing in the kitchen which makes the place greasy, it is mostly the cooking oil. Make sure to place the cooking oil bottle on a plastic lid. You can simply use an old ice cream buckets lid for placing bigger oil bottles. For smaller ones make use of cupcake liners. This is for sure to save you from the pain of cleaning the greasy cabinets or shelves.

  1.    Keep your cabinets dirt free

No matter how great your kitchen design is, if not well-maintained it can screw up the overall look. We all dump in the kitchen essentials like plates, spoons, forks etc into the cabinet’s drawers. This can mess up the draws and make the cleaning a pain. To make your life easy, prefer storing all this in a removable plastic container inside the draws.  When you want to use all of it for your guests, you can just remove this storage box as it is, cleans the used items and put it back into the draw.

  1.    Other useful hacks

Use of slow cooker can save you so much energy and time. This can save you from scrubbing the crock down forever. To make the cleaning super easy, use a slow cooker liner. If you always wonder how to clean the used blender, fret not! Fill it up with soapy water and blend it quickly for few seconds. Voila! The blender is all clean in a snap.

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