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Easy Ways To Make Your Home A Relaxing Haven

Life can be stressful. We all know that very well. Work, college, what it is you do, it piles up. Stepping into your home should be like entering a gateway into a world where the word ‘pressure’ doesn’t exist. A lot of us tend to take our stresses home with us, however. When all that negativity has a chance to gather and foster in our heads and our homes, it can have serious repercussions on our mental health. The right steps in banishing stress at home can do a lot for making your life happier in general. Drop the bad thoughts off at the door and make your home a veritable nirvana with these tips.

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Have a warm focal point to each of your rooms

A strong focal point in any room can give It a sense of equilibrium. It can also make a room feel bleak or unwelcoming if the focal point is, say, a blank wall. Make a feel-good focal point so that a room immediately feels like home when you walk inside. Art that you love of a good fireplace can be great focal points to centre the room around.  What works for you is based on what you love looking at, so don’t feel like you have to select one thing over the other. Just learn how to make it the focal point of your room.

Have somewhere really, really comfy to sit

You know how it is when you come in after a long day. Your ankles, your calves, your back. Something’s going to be absolutely killing you. Bed might be the most inviting thing in the world at that moment, but why not have somewhere soothing to sit instead? Even if you’re doing work or a personal project at home, the right seat can make all the difference. Fombags are form-fitting, plush and customizable. See what would make you the most comfortable and find out more from Fombag.

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Make sure you’re not shivering

Cold weather can have tremendous effect on mood. You already know just how dreary you can feel after coming in from a grey, miserable day. If that same day follows you inside, you’re not likely to start feeling any better from it. Make sure you keep your home warm and comfy when the colder weather hits. If you’re forced to wrap yourself up in multiple blankets just to stay warm, you’re not very likely to get all that relaxed. If you haven’t got your home insulated yet, have a look at your local services. Many governments and councils offer free insulation, depending on your area.

Clean out the clutter

The state of our homes is very often a reflection of our state of mind. If your home is full of clutter, then it’s likely you’re going to feel just as disorganised and messy when you get inside. Reduce clutter in your home. Make a simple filing system for any paperwork you need to keep around. Start making use of the different parts of your home that could act as storage. Keep everything organised and in reach. That way, if you need something, you won’t be stressing yourself out by searching over half an hour for it. It gives you even more time to relax, too, so that’s a bonus.


Bring natural elements into your home

There’s a reason we love a good garden, park or woods so much. The natural world is an innately relaxing thing for us. When we’re surrounded by four walls all day, we can feel like we’re losing that state of organic equilibrium in ourselves. Start bringing the outside world in. Introduce natural elements to your home. Not only do they look great, but they can be just that focal point you need to make your home feel more alive and welcoming. Brick and wood walls and surfaces can do a lot to make your home feel earthier and richer. A good plant makes your home all the more vibrant, too.  It has the added pluses of looking and smelling great.

Let the colours soothe you

Colours have a tremendous effect on the human mind. Over the years, we build natural connections between colours and moods or elements of life. It could very well be that a fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper could do wonders for making your home feel more soothing. See what colours might make you feel good and start implementing them in your home. Your deep red walls could be triggering feelings of anxiety, where as a nice sky blue might trigger deep relaxation instead.

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Have softness under your feet

Your whole home should feel like it’s designed to pamper you. No doubt you already consider comfort when you’re choosing your bed, chairs and bath. But what about when you’re walking around? You don’t want a scratchy carpet making you feel unwelcome in your own home. Ditch the cheap synthetic floors. Varnished wood flooring feels excellent for giving your home a clean, smooth feeling. But when you pair with the right lush rug, it’s hard not to feel all cosy. Have a gorgeous feeling rug in each room you can get one. You’ll feel a lot happier just to walk around the place.

Cut the artificial light

Light is an important part of how our mind takes on the day. Mixing up your body’s natural cycles can wreak havoc on your mood, your energy and your sleep. Use the natural cycle of day and night to restore your balance. Start the day bright, letting in as much natural light as you can. Then as it starts to get dark, don’t think that you need to brighten the whole place up. Try spending less time in front of screens and keep the room lights off unless you need them. The right warm lamp or even a candle or three can get your mind in the right place. Instead of watching television or surfing the internet late at night, try reading a book by the light of the candles. Or even better, steep in a nice, long bath. The more restful sleep will be just as beneficial for your mood, too.


Aromatherapy at home

You don’t need us to tell you how powerful the sense of smell is in the home. No-one wants their place smelling like old socks or a clogged up sink. But are you choosing the right scents to make your home feel more relaxing? Aromatherapy works, but it’s not an exact science. You’ll need to give the different scents a try. You might find some overpowering (lavender is too much for me, personally). Whereas others (vanilla for me) can fit you just right. Find the smell that makes your home a much more pleasant place to be for you. Scenting your chairs and pillows to maximise the relaxation, too.

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Make yourself a zen garden

The right little distraction can do wonders for taking your mind away from its problems. This gives it a chance to compartmentalize the stresses and sort of ‘reboot’. When you’re done with your distraction, your mental vision is a little clearer. Zen gardens are just perfect for doing this. There are all kinds you can buy, but you don’t have to spend any money at all. If you have the time and the materials, why not build you own? That can be just as much of a welcome diversion as the zen garden itself.

Give yourself a good pampering

One way to make your home feel like a real safe haven is to give yourself something to look forward to when you get there. Keep yourself well stocked in all your favourite ingredients for a good bath. Making your own footbath can work even better. Soak out all your stresses even as you sit in your comfy chair and relax the night away.


Stick some tunes on

A quiet home can feel lonely and make your stresses come to the forefront of your mind. Don’t be afraid to put on some music. Play it loud and proud, too, as headphones can make the mind feel a good deal more isolated. You probably have your very own tastes when it comes to music that makes you feel good and relax. If you don’t, however, then you can find plenty of recommendations online. Let your worries slip away and zen out or, if you prefer, have a dance all to yourself.

Your home should feel like the place you can go to get away from all the woes of the world. Hopefully these tips can help you make it just that. It’s a balance of how your home looks, smells and feels to you. It’s also learning what you can do at home to take away those stresses, too. The right combination of environment and action equals a much better attitude. It doesn’t just have to stay at home, either. You might find that the peace you’ve found in your relaxing home might come with you and help you deal with the problems outside the door, too.


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