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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Home

Reducing your impact on the environment when you decorate your home isn’t difficult. By putting a little thought into it, you can change the look and feel of your home without affecting our planet. Changing your approach to decorating and using the latest eco-friendly products will help you achieve this goal and still let you transform your home into a place you will feel proud to live in. Here are some easy ways to do this.

Reupholster Your Furniture

A lot of natural materials are used to create new furniture. In many cases this furniture is used for a number of years and then discarded. If the furniture you’re going to discard is still functional there are many professionals who have the skills to bring it back to life. Sometimes a homeowner may simply want to change the color of their furniture. This is a relatively simple job to do once you find someone with the appropriate skills. It avoids removing your current furniture pieces and buying new items. Changing the look of you furniture also saves you money.

Buy Quality Eco-Friendly Furniture

Many homeowners who decide to decorate their home are on a tight budget. Unfortunately many make the mistake of buying cheap furniture because of this. It may seem like a good idea at the time. However cheaper products normally have to be replaced more often. Over time you could end up spending more money replacing cheaper products. It also means you have to buy and discard more furniture items. Instead, you should wait until you can afford higher quality eco-friendly furniture or find a way to spread the cost over a certain period of time.

Paint and Wall Paper

In the past the processes and raw materials used to manufacture wall paint and wall paper were not always friendly to our environment. However, todays decorating products like milk paint use non-toxic, water based and recyclable materials. These products are just as good as previous solutions and are less harmful to you and your environment.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning your home is a necessary part of most decorating activities. Walls have to be washed, floors have to be cleaned and so on. Homeowners are used to the idea of using detergents and a range of chemical cleaning products. Unfortunately these cleaning products take their toll on the environment.

However, Mother Nature provides a whole range of natural cleaning products that are harmless to us and our surroundings. The most common items used to naturally clean your home when you decorate include lemons, vinegar, salt, essential oils and baking soda. Various environmentally friendly cleaning tools are also available to reduce the impact cleaning has on our surroundings.

Decorating your home shouldn’t cost the earth. Previous generations were unaware of the consequences of many decorating activities in the past. However, this is no longer the case. Home owners know the impact certain products and actions have on the environment. Changing the way you think and the products you use will help you play you part.

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