Defensive Driving: What You’ve Been Doing Wrong for Too Long

One of the most important skills to learn while on the road is learning how to drive defensively, which can help you to avoid collisions with other motorists, and is often taught in driving school. Although you may be an experienced driver, anyone is prone to being involved in an accident if they fail to watch for other cars driving recklessly. To protect yourself, there are a few steps to practice to ensure that you remain safe.


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Avoid Following Too Closely
As you scan the road ahead while driving, you also want to avoid driving too close to the car ahead of you, and prevent rear-ending the individual if they slam on their brakes. Any driving lessons in Rochester NY will tell you to keep your speed down, and maintain a safe distance by following three to five seconds behind the driver ahead. This will provide enough time to stop quickly in heavy traffic, or if another driver merges into your lane.


Look Both Ways in Intersections
One of the most common ways collisions occur is due to drivers who neglect to stop at red lights once reaching an intersection. Develop a habit of looking both ways and reducing your speed in intersections to avoid drivers who may be running the light. It’s important to remember that you can’t depend on other motorists to drive responsibly while traveling.


Scan the Road
Look at the road 20 to 30 seconds ahead to scan for motorists who may be speeding, cutting off other vehicles, or veering in and out of different lanes. Pull over to the side of the road to steer clear of the driver, or take the next exit to prevent driving near the car. As the Morgan School of Driving Inc reminds, you should always be aware of dangers on the roadways or debris as well.


Avoid Distractions
Although you may feel in control of your vehicle, it’s easy to become distracted even when few cars are on the road, or you have an easy drive. Avoid switching the radio too frequently, texting on your phone, or applying makeup to ensure that you are focused and notice any hazards. By avoiding distractions, you increase your chances of preventing a possible accident that can occur due to the mistakes of other drivers.

As a motorist, you may follow the law and drive safely while behind the wheel, but it doesn’t reduce your risk of being involved in an accident. Driving defensively will prevent injuries in an accident, and can work to your benefit while navigating different routes with other people who share the road.


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  1. I took my defensive driving course few months ago all paid expense by our company. How I wish I came across on your blog post months ago your article is so helpful.

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