Choosing the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape

Choosing the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape
Jeans are a fashion staple for most of us, but buying a pair that flatters and fits correctly can be a nightmare. The key to finding the best fit for you is to first identify your body type and then buy jeans that accentuate your assets and mask any problem areas, and with low rise, high rise, boot cut, skinny, and flared styles to choose from, you should be able to find a pair that’s perfect for you.


For woman with narrow hips, a flat bum and an un-defined waist, try low rise jeans for short waisted figures or high rise ones for long waisted body types. Curves can be created with high-rise styles, by tucking your top into the waistband. Also try going for lighter denim colours or faded shades of blue that accent the legs and knees to draw attention to shapely thighs. Large pockets can make the rear end look fuller.


Pear-shaped women with round hips and a defined waistline look best with flared legs or boot-cut denim pants. Boot-cut is typically the best choice as it’ll make you look less bottom-heavy. Darker colours and stretch fabrics can provide a slimming effect, but low pockets are best avoided since they create the illusion of short legs.


The hourglass body type with proportional curves and a definite waistline should consider styles that run tight and straight through the hip area and down past the thighs to the knee area. Having a flare at the end of the legs is the best look for the hourglass figure. Many designers make jeans specifically for this body type, so designer denim wear looks particularly stylish on the curvy hourglass figure, but avoid skinny or straight legged styles as they won’t flatter wide hips.


Women with an apple-shaped figure who carry a lot of weight in the middle face a particularly difficult challenge when selecting flattering jeans, but wide waistbands can be helpful for waist support – waistbands should fall below the belly button. Stretch fabric typically makes any garment fit better, and dark colours can be flattering. Straight-legged styles are a good choice to accentuate slim legs, too.
This is a guest post by: Liberty-Belle Howard, a UK blogger currently writing on behalf of M&M; Direct.

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