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Design choices to fill your rooms with light

Everybody loves a bright home. It’s just the thing to make you feel alert in the mornings, happy in the afternoons and warm in the evenings. The sun streaming in through your windows and bouncing off your walls can create a wonderful sensation of contentment. But how can it be done? Whatever kind of home you have, there are simple tricks you can use to make it brighter – even on a budget.

Be color smart

The best way to make your home seem more spacious and bright is to decorate it using pale colors. A white carpet can have an amazing effect, and if you don’t think this is practical because you have young children or pets, a machine washable white rug can do a similar job. A highly polished pale wooden floor – pine, for instance – can brighten a room by reflecting light. Painting the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade than the walls can create the impression that it’s higher up.

Get the right arrangement

Cramming too much furniture into a room can make it look a lot smaller and darker, especially if the furniture itself is dark. Putting furniture close to windows can also directly block light from getting into and around a room, and heavy curtains can have a similar effect. Move your plants off the windowsill and put them on the mantelpiece, where they’ll make the room feel fresh and outdoorsy.

Artificial assistance

When we think of light in a room we tend to focus on daylight, but even during the daytime a bit of artificial light in the right places can fend off gloom. Diode lighting has made it easier to do because you can choose exactly what tone of light you want and adjust lights over the course of the day as the daylight changes. They cost a bit more than regular lights, but you won’t have to replace bulbs very often, so over time you can save money, and they’re also better for the environment.

Budget solutions

If you’re working on a low budget, check out your local thrift store for mirrors. The more of these you can put on your walls, the better, as they’ll bounce a lot of light around. If you pick up some affordable luxury shutters you can still get the benefit of good insulation without restricting the light. You can also try replacing wooden panels in interior doors with sheets of clear Perspex, which is cheaper than glass and easy to cut to size. Finally, make sure that you keep your home clean and tidy – this will make it feel much more spacious and bright.

Brightening up your home is amazing in summer, but it will make you feel good all year round, whether the light is shining in from a flower-filled garden or bouncing off glittering snow. You don’t need to be rich to do it, so why not make a start today? It can help you to see your home at its best.


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