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How to choose the right lights for your home

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When decorating your home, it is important not to leave lighting as an afterthought. The lighting can help add warmth and ambiance in a room, but it also needs to match the level of lighting needed depending on the room type, as you will for example need more light in a kitchen than bedroom. Planning ahead which lamps will give you the desired lighting, is important. For inspiration, check out the lamps from Fritz Hansen

Layered illumination 

When it comes to choosing the lamps for your living room, it is important to think in terms of lamps that can provide different types of lighting to achieve depth and ambiance in the room. Start by installing a ceiling fixture, this should be placed more or less in the center of the room or perhaps above your couch area. This lamp will provide the necessary light. Secondly, you want to go for lamps that create interest and ambiance, you can go with soffit or valance lighting along the walls. Finally, to add more creativity to your wall, you can create your own personal neon light that lit with meaning, see more designs and collections at www.neonfilter.com.  Moreover, you can also find a decorative table lamp if there is a corner that still needs light, perhaps a reading nook since, such a place will need bright light. If you need more information or guidance on how to achieve your desired home interior, you may wish to see if you can find an interesting post or site online to give you a bit of inspiration.

right lights for your home
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Bright kitchen lighting

Unlike the living room, the kitchen needs to have as much lighting as possible. It is still a good idea to think about layering your lights, but not so much to give ambiance, but rather to make sure there is enough light. A good option for lighting, is to install high-hats or recessed lights in the ceiling. You can even opt for this type of light above your dining room table, to avoid having to look around a hanging light to see who you are having dinner with. Installing under-cabinet lights is a great way to make sure that you will always have enough light, when you are chopping those vegetables. 

Lamps and lighting in the bedroom

Depending on your preferences, there is no ideal lighting in a bedroom. However, the minimum of lighting would be combining a ceiling fixture with bedside table lamps. If your bedroom is facing north-west additional lighting might be need, as rooms facing this way get less direct sunlight. If you do not have a walk-in closet, you should install enough light in close proximity to your wardrobe, so you can easily pick out your outfits. You can add elements of indirect lighting, if you want to add ambiance and soft and relaxing light in your bedroom. Led-strings can be modified into different decorative lights.  

Hopefully, these tips and tricks are helpful, and not least, a great reminder that lighting and lamps should be given just as much thought as the rest of the interior design. 

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