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How to Give Your Home a More Urban Feel

Urban loft design themes are super-hot right now. Think of it as industrial crossed with a softer, cosmopolitan feel. It isn’t a design theme that suits everyone, but if you want your home to have a more contemporary dynamic, here are some tips to get you started.

Maple Greystone [kitchen]

Minimalist and Modern

Urban is all about contemporary, modern furnishings. Stay away from antique statement pieces and shabby chic furniture. Instead, look for furniture with clean lines, modern designs, and a lack of decorative elements.

Minimalist furnishings are well suited to an urban home. Seating is important, but it needs to be simple and functional. Monochrome colors no frills works best. If a piece has a patterned fabric or is fussy in any way, it won’t fit the bill.

Bare Floors

Urban loft living is not about plush carpets and think shag pile rugs. Instead, flooring needs to be naked. Polished concrete is a good look if you crave the minimalist look of urban living, but if you have to work with what you already have, consider polished wood flooring or even slate. Natural materials work well here. Seating areas can be softened with a rug or two, preferably in a color that ties in with the rest of the décor.

Open-plan Living

You can’t create an urban theme without being comfortable with open-plan living. Open plan kitchen areas should move seamlessly into a living/dining area. That way, guests can mingle while you prepare food and pour drinks. Look for stainless steel surfaces and appliances. Alternatively, go for polished concrete, granite or natural stone in your kitchen area.

Décor and Sculptures

Urban home design tends to consist of a lot of sculptures and artwork that has been custom fabricated to fit in with the space.  You can buy décor and sculptures that have been individually made from sites like Etsy, however why not give it a go yourself?  All you need to do is get hold of some materials, hire Lincoln 210 multiprocess welders from Welding Outfitter, and ensure your eyes and hands are safe.  You could create some really individual artwork that will fit in perfectly with your space.

Industrial Lighting

Lighting is important in any home, irrespective of what design theme you choose. Urban lighting tends to be functional rather than decorative, with exposed cables and old-fashioned bulbs plugged into jam-jar lights. Look for metal floor lamps and invest in small table lamps to illuminate dark corners. Just because you are trying to create an industrial feel, it doesn’t mean you need to sit in the gloom once the sun sets.

Mezzanine Floors

If you have enough height, look at adding a mezzanine floor so you can enjoy split-level living. Mezzanine floors are great for open-plan urban living. Locating the bedroom out of the way gives you more space in the living area, which is perfect if you enjoy entertaining.

Color Scheme

It is natural to err towards monochrome colors when planning an urban design, but some color is desirable. This can be achieved with a few well-placed rugs, cushions, and pieces of artwork. In general, however, avoid too much decoration.

We can’t all live in an NYC loft, but it is easy enough to introduce a more urban vibe into your home if you follow the tips above.


Image credit: Boa-Franc – https://flic.kr/p/9yNGUY

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