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Elderly Care: Brain Games to Improve Mental and Emotional Health

Elderly Care: Brain Games to Improve Mental and Emotional Health


As we age our body becomes prone to several medical conditions. Learning how to deal with arising conditions is important especially to seniors beyond retirement. Aside from proper and good nutrition, activities like brain games can help improve their mental and emotional health.

Most seniors are vulnerable to mental health issues like forgetfulness, memory problems, decline in cognitive ability and growing loneliness especially nowadays brought about by the pandemic.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) it is estimated that 20% of people age 55 years or older experience some type of mental health concern which includes severe cognitive impairment, anxiety, and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression.

CDC states that these mental health issues can harm physical wellness and health for the elderly. Mood disorders can lead to impairments in physical, mental, and social functioning and can affect and complicate the treatment of other chronic disorders.

Keeping the mind active to ensure that the brain works. Exercising the mind needs to be done daily and thankfully, challenging the mind can be fun and easy through quick online games like, where they offer free online memory games not only for the older adults but to all ages as well. Different games can be played right on your laptop or mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Playing online games can be not only interesting and entertaining, but can also improve memory, daily life skills, and overall mental health.

Moreover, brain games not only help older people to improve memory, but they can also reduce stress and loneliness. As it is a fun activity that enhances memory skills as well as social interaction.

 Brain Games Benefits

Improve Cognitive Ability

Playing games has cognitive benefits especially for those who have short-term memory. Researchers state that time spent in playing games has a significant factor in one’s wellbeing. It exercises the gamer’s memory and can help elder people remember things better than they do without video game stimulation.

Video games force players to switch quickly between different tasks, which can lead to increased mental flexibility and multi-tasking ability for seniors.

Furthermore, it is an effective tool for relaxation, increasing social connections, and interactions which results in improved self-esteem and emotional contentment.

Better moods

Many seniors who enjoy playing games find themselves in better emotional well-being.

Physical benefits

Certain games can Improve balance too. Games that require physical interaction can help seniors improve coordination and quicken their reflexes due to the quick action and decision-making required to play.

Reduce Memory Problems

Memory games, arcade classic games, crosswords, base defense games and more, stimulate the mind, memories, and conversations

Recent research has demonstrated a significant link between playing video games and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

Online Brain Games

Dunk Shot Basketball Game

brain games

This online basketball game is best recommended for grandpas’ who are formerly playing basketball during their younger days.

It is a sports and physics game where players drag, angle, and shoot a basketball from one net to the next. It starts with the easy shooting stage with basic rim angles then gets it harder as the play goes on.

Pac Rat Game Inspired by Pac-Man

brain games

Who doesn’t remember playing the Pac-Man? The Pac Rat game is a contemporary and playful remake inspired by the hit arcade classic Pac-Man. All you need to do is to avoid cats and eat the cheese. There are power pellets too that will give you extra-strength to beat the cats.

Words Family Game

Words Family Game is a simple word game. Fill in the puzzle by spelling a word using the letter tiles.

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