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6 Common Locations For Automatic Gates

6 Common Locations For Automatic Gates

We all know about automatic gates and they can be found in many places – people’s homes and businesses, public buildings and stores, to name a few. Any person who is looking for residential or commercial gates would probably choose an automated solution, as this offers many benefits and with that in mind, here are a few locations where you would expect to find automatic gates.

  1. Residential Gating

    There are many living communities that use state of the art electric powered gates that only permit authorised people into the zone. Residents are given special passes and from the security building at the entrance, the security guard can call any of the property owners to verify they ordered a domestic service. Having automatic security gates reduces the risk of house breaking and with manned security 24/7, you can sleep well, knowing you are in a protected zone.

  2. Retail Outlets

    Automatic doors help to keep in the warm during the winter, plus they offer more safety, as shoppers are less likely to walk into an open door.

  3. Factories & Warehouses

    These commercial premises have very heavy gates, which therefore require a power solution. Industrial automatic gates can come with vehicle sensors that allow trucks and cars to enter and leave the facility, while employees on foot would have a swipe card to enter the pedestrian door, or perhaps a biometric system that uses fingerprint technology.

  4. Schools & Universities

    Schools and universities are very security-conscious and would have manned security with automatic electric gates. Students and teachers would have passes, while visitors would have to remain outside the gates until the relevant person has been contacted. There would probably be rear entrances for deliveries, while the students and staff use the main gate, which would be automatic.

  5. Private Homes

    There’s no reason a homeowner wouldn’t consider automatic property gates, indeed, they are more popular than the manual version, with the motor installed below ground level. If you would like to browse many fine examples of electric residential gating, search online for a leading gate supplier that offers bespoke solutions and they would be happy to quote for any design. Materials that can be used include timber, steel, wrought iron and aluminium, with stainless-steel being favoured with homeowners.

  6. Car Parking Facilities

    The barrier automatically raises when a button is pushed, closing again after the vehicle has entered and when it is time to leave, the ticket is automatically read and you make your payment, which then opens the gate, allowing you to leave. Larger facilities might have manned security, who rotate their shifts to cover the entire 24-hour period. Regular users would have a tag on their vehicle that keeps track of usage, which is very convenient, and as the sign reads, ‘No ticket = No exit’.

Whether you want to replace your gates at home or the business premises, an automated solution is advised. With an online search, you can be talking to a bespoke gate supplier, who has all the solutions. When you book an appointment, the supplier would be happy to send a technician to your home. You can both discuss the many options and the company can quote for the project.


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