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Various legal purposes of DNA testing

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There are a variety of legal reasons why people seek DNA testing. However, it is important to seek and select the most reliable laboratory or company offering dna legal services that is listed, qualified and follows a strict chain of custody procedure to ensure a legal DNA test.

Some people need a DNA test to resolve paternal issues to establish child support, identity or to seek custody rights for the child.

A reliable proof of the test can help resolve family disputes over inheritance.

Others obtain benefits such as medical insurance for their children upon presenting a legal DNA test result.

It is also used to fulfill immigration applications and requirements and other legal disputes

Collected DNA samples are immediately processed by established diagnostic centers where test results are released in less than a week and the notarized hard copy of the document will immediately be available in the next days, usually around ten days thereafter.

Legal proofs over paternal issues and other legal disputes are no longer a problem nowadays for DNA testing will provide the needed hard evidence.



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