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3 Unobtrusive Security Features to Add to Your Home

These days, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Keeping your family and home safe against intruders, thieves and predators is one of life’s priorities. But where do you start? What’s most ideal for your lifestyle? The best way to be secure is to engage a number of preferably unobtrusive features in and around your home.

1. Security Doors and Window Screens

For years, people have relied on traditional security screens to keep nasty characters out. However, research has found that they’re not always effective. There are businesses like Stylewise Security & Glass that offer state-of-the-art security doors and window screens made from a fine mesh of high tensile, 316 marine grade stainless steel. Doors or screens made from materials like this have maximum strength and durability, while being aesthetically pleasing thanks to their capability of screening large openings. Therefore, views are unobstructed, and you get the added benefit of keeping insects out. Check out this URL for all your options.

2. Alarm Systems

An alarm system is an important tool to have in keeping your home safe. If used correctly (follow all instructions), they should be unobtrusive. Most probably, there will be a white and blue box attached to the exterior of your home under an eave – and that could well be a big enough deterrent. A cautious thief will notice it and turn away, realising it’s not worth the risk trying to break in. Security companies also supply you with stickers for windows and doors,announcing that your home is protected. You can also arm the alarm even with occupants in the house, and while it may take a short while to get used to arming it without accidentally triggering it, in no time at all, your family can go about life knowing they’re safe. And don’t forget the added option of a back-to-base system so police will be notified when there’s a breach and check up on your home whether or not you’re able to do it yourself.

3. Surveillance Cameras

Gone are the days when surveillance cameras were used only in public areas. With the world being such an unsafe place, many people have resorted to having cameras in and around their homes. They can be as obvious or unobtrusive as you want them to be – perhaps just having cameras outside your home are visible will be a good enough deterrent for possible intruders, stopping them from going any further into your home. Inside, you may want to be more discreet so you can catch out any unsavoury tradesmen, or dishonest nannies (why do you think the need for ‘nanny-cams’ came about?). For this, there are companies that will install them in such a way that no one will know they’re there. They could be hidden inside ornaments, toys, maybe holes in the wall, or picture frames. You can check footage anytime and from virtually anywhere via the internet on any device.

Keeping your family and home protected is priceless. With advances in technology, you now have more options that ever before, and security features can be integrated into your lives seamlessly!

Image credits to: www.stylewisesecurity.com.au

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