What You’ll Need to Know about Living in Memphis

Living in Memphis

Memphis is a perfect melding of a bustling metro area and the slow South. It’s a haven for music lovers, has many historical sites to see, and is filled with cultural activities.

If you’re looking for a big city with a small town atmosphere, check out Memphis houses for sale and read on to find out why folks love living in Memphis so much.

The cost of living is low.

Compared to similar metro areas, your dollars will go a long way in Memphis.

Mortgages and rent prices sit below the national average, as does the cost of things like food, transportation, and utilities.

The housing market is also a perk. The median home value is on average 13 percent less than the median value in the state and 12 percent less than the median home value in the country.

The state is tax friendly.

Folks often forget to factor in taxes when moving. Memphis’ taxes are beneficial to residents with no income state taxes for individuals on their jobs or investments.

Many educational institutions are highly rated.

Memphis has a large public school system with many options. There are 290 private and public schools in the area with many ranking in the top 20 for the state.

For higher education, you can choose from The University of Memphis, Rhodes College, or Christian Brothers University.

Another perk is the Tennessee Promise Program for higher education. This provides scholarship money for students looking to attend community college and also serves as a mentorship program for those transitioning from high school.

There are a lot of great places to work.

Some of the top employers in Memphis include AutoZone, FedEx, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The city’s job market has increased by 2.1 percent since 2021, and future job growth over ten years is predicted to be 36.6 percent. This is higher than the national average of 33.5 percent.

It’s family friendly.

If you have little ones to keep entertained, there’s a lot to do in Memphis.

The Children’s Museum has indoor and outdoor exhibits that include the Bubble Gardens, H20 Splash Park, Dinosaur Dig, and giant Light Bright. You can dig for dinosaur bones or hop aboard the huge Grand Carousel.

The Museum of Science and History includes a planetarium and giant screen theatre, as well as the Lichterman Nature Center and Coon Creek Science Center.

Visitors can also see the Pink Palace Mansion, home to mid-South history that includes a Piggly Wiggly replica, the Clyde Park Miniature Circus, and many other artifacts and exhibits that explore the culture, arts, and entertainment of the mid-South.

Music lovers will feel right at home.

Memphis is known as the birthplace  of Rock n Roll. Here you can visit Sun Studio, where Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were discovered.

The Stax Museum of Soul Music welcomes you via a reassembled 1906 Mississippi Delta Church that serves as the entry point to the larger building and immerses you in soul music from that point forward.

You can’t miss the chance to tour Elvis’s Graceland for a sense of The King’s life and all its ups and downs.


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