Horseback Safaris

Horse riding Safaris are one of the more thrilling and real safari experiences has to offer. Get closer to the animals of the bush than ever before, as you are masked by the natural movement of your horse. This kind of experience supersedes even game drives; there is a sense of old world Africa about it. It’s just you, your horse and the African plains.

Equestrian safaris are offered across Africa and by various operators.  Arguably one of the best is with Singita Grumeti Reserves in the Serengeti.   During your stay at one of the three Singita Lodges in the Grumeti Reserve you will be able to embark on these unique rides across the wide open Serengeti plains.  Wherever you travel across the savannah you are accompanied by two guides: Alison Mundy and Martin Dodwell. Both of whom are very experienced riders. There are three different types of safari presented to guests, so as to cater for all levels of riding experience and interest. The Tailor Made Safari is perfectly suited to groups of friends and family, with a max capacity of 6 people. As this safari is tailor-made you can say what you want and when you want it. Everything is done to accommodate your every need.

There is also the Set Departure option. This is catered much more towards experienced riders and offers those with a love for all things equestrian to join those of like mind and interest. The third and final choice available to guests is the Day Ride safaris, which is available for 1 to 6 riders. Canter out across the bush land, enjoying the surrounding wildlife and the 5 hour ride, with a stop off for lunch.

There is a strong herd of 18 horses, the majority of which are thoroughbred. They shall lend to your equestrian safari experience being all the more memorable, as you relish in Africa’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife alongside the steady clip clop of their hooves.

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  1. Horse riding safari’s actually sounds fun, if only I wasn’t afraid of riding horses. I’m always a statue whenever I ride one. I just didn’t try again after my 2nd attempt. :/

  2. I only got to ride on a horse twice, and I’d love to do it again and again when I get the chance. Anyway, horse riding safari sounds really fun. Hope I get to try it in the future!

  3. Oh I think my kids (and I) would love an equestrian safari too, this is better than your post about the other safari I think. but being both in africa, it would be best to experience both…

  4. This would totally be a lovely experience. We make the kids ride a horse whenever’s like a privilege for them since we don’t go to a farm often, so they see farm animals rarely…riding the horse is for them—so fun! (Says my boy).

  5. This seems like a good experience. Appreciating the safari using a horse as a means of transportation. I used to enjoy horseback riding so add a safari feature, it’s definitely more fun.

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