Tripod on my wish list, check!

There are times that I am not in the mood to write, no matter how hard I try, no flowing ideas get in, so instead of forcing my brain to work with hard thinking I call for a break to unwind, either to do house chores, try to cook a different recipe, read a good book or practice with my digicam to develop my shooting skills.

I am a green apple in terms of photography; I still need to learn a lot about angles, lighting, camera settings, tricks and more. Most of the time I get blurred pictures especially when my hands are tired already, my handshakes so I seldom get best results when taking pictures. I have written a digital camera tripod on my wish list last year, so I can get better in taking still photos. My husband has seen my list though I hid it in my organizer. I was very happy that he surprised me by bringing me home the camera accessory one Friday afternoon.

A tripod is one of the important photography accessories used to stabilize and elevate a camera.  It usually has a mounting head which includes a thumbscrew that mates to a female threaded receptacle on the camera, as well as a mechanism to be able to rotate and tilt the camera when it is mounted on the tripod and three legs usually made in a portable reduced size in order to save space when not in use.

Now I can practice more and frown less because with less camera movement I can take better pictures, big thanks to my hubby dear :).

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