How the Right Mattress can Help Solve Back Pain

Sleeping on a poor quality or worn mattress can aggravate or even cause lower back pain. Not only does a poor mattress strain muscles and prevent the spine from remaining properly aligned, but it also reinforces poor sleeping posture.

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What is the Correct Mattress For Lower Back Pain?   Continue reading “How the Right Mattress can Help Solve Back Pain”

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Steps to Take When You’re Moving City for a Job

Beginning a new job is always an exciting experience, but one which is usually also tinged with apprehension and uncertainty. And when starting a new job means upping sticks and moving to a new city, the excitement, apprehension and uncertainty are all magnified ten-fold.

Making the Most of a New Start

Making a new start and a new life is nothing if not daunting, but it is also a hugely exciting thing to be doing. Even if you are apprehensive about the move and about leaving friends and family behind, try and arrive in a positive frame of mind – see this as a chance to get to know a new location, meet new friends and move on in your chosen career, rather than dwelling on all those favourite spots and all the friendly faces you are leaving behind.  Continue reading “Steps to Take When You’re Moving City for a Job”

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How to choose the right sofa for your living room

The living room just like the other rooms in the house needs special attention when you plan to do home improvement. The family room is where we entertain visitors and the center of family activities. Sitting in a comfortable sofa with a cozy and warm ambiance will provide relaxation and comfort.

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5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Gardening is not an easy hobby, especially for people just starting their first garden. Many gardeners struggled for years before becoming plant experts. With a little effort, you can avoid the most common gardening mistakes.

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Too Much or Too Little Water

Many gardeners have difficulty figuring out how much water to give their plants. New gardeners typically give too much water to their new plants, which can kill your new plant fast. If you don’t give your plant enough water, your plant will stay thirsty and only grow a very short root system. This can lead to disease and ultimately the plant’s death. You can avoid water issues by paying close attention to your plant. Yellow leaves typically indicate the plant is receiving too much water. Dry and brown leaves are a common sign that the plant is not getting enough water.  Continue reading “5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid”

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Tripod on my wish list, check!

There are times that I am not in the mood to write, no matter how hard I try, no flowing ideas get in, so instead of forcing my brain to work with hard thinking I call for a break to unwind, either to do house chores, try to cook a different recipe, read a good book or practice with my digicam to develop my shooting skills.

I am a green apple in terms of photography; I still need to learn a lot about angles, lighting, camera settings, tricks and more. Most of the time I get blurred pictures especially when my hands are tired already, my handshakes so I seldom get best results when taking pictures. I have written a digital camera tripod on my wish list last year, so I can get better in taking still photos. My husband has seen my list though I hid it in my organizer. I was very happy that he surprised me by bringing me home the camera accessory one Friday afternoon.

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