Pedring, another devastating tropical storm that hit the Philippines

September 27, 2011, tropical storm Pedring made his landfall, entered the Aurora, Isabela and Quezon provinces.  Classes in all levels has been suspended, Malaca?ang declared work suspension in government offices considering the very bad weather. Typhoon Pedring’s scope was wide range, residents in low lying and mountainous areas under Public Storm Warning Signals were alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides.
I always have this Calamity Disaster kit ready, so I am assured of my family’s need in case of any emergency. The heavy strong winds started at around 7 am in our place. I kept on calling and monitoring for my eldest son who is just about to go home from his work. He told me that it was raining hard and strong winds blew his umbrella. I was only relieved when I saw him safe back home. My husband decided to stay home and not to go to work. To keep our family protected and out of danger during these times is a priority. We just stayed indoors.
We could hear and see the roaring winds as it blew wildly; the big trees in our backyard almost bend as the wind blew very hard.  Thankfully, the big branch fell off the ground away from our house. The rain and strong winds continued all throughout the day and night. Electricity was cut off almost entirely in Metro Manila, as the electric company also had encountered problems in their transmission lines.  Several domestic flights cancellation was also made.
The fierce winds uprooted trees, felled trees, branches and debris scattered blocked thoroughfares. Light Rail Systems service stopped due to lost of power supply. Heavy rains destroyed some dikes which caused flash floods especially along the Malabon area where the house of our dear friend was extremely affected.  A storm surge in Manila Bay caused the sea wall to collapse brought flood to Roxas Boulevard and nearby areas.
It took two days before the power supply in our area was restored. As of this writing, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said Pedring has left 21 people dead, while 25 others were severely injured and 31 remain missing in different parts of Luzon. Most of those who died were hit by trees toppled by strong winds.
As Pedring exited, PAGASA, the state weather bureau also spotted two new storms that are bound to enter the Philippine seas within the next 24 hours.A tropical depression off northern Luzon has developed into a storm and was given the International name Nalgae. If it enters the Philippine area of responsibility it will be assigned the local name Quiel. Another weather disturbance east of Mindanao is also being monotored, should it develop into a tropical depression and enter the Philippines, the weather disturbance will be named Ramon.
Many of my fellow Filipinos have not yet recovered from the damage of what Pedring brought to their homes. I pray that these two approaching weather disturbances will change their course so it may not hit us again.

Below are photos taken from the web.
The US Embassy flooded along Roxas Blvd
Flooded streets of Metro Manila
floods in some areas reached this high
Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista in monitor of removing felled trees in his jurisdiction

storm surge at Manila Bay, Roxas Blvd

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  1. It was really a blessing Ms.Joy that we are all safe po and the flood didn't reach us..and good thing the electricity was restored after 5 hours sa amin but the signals on networks where off..

    The people now in Northern Luzon are still flooded plus the releasing of water from those damns.

    May God protect us ms.Joy..Quiel is said to be strong again and my parents are from Baguio po so my papa already checked the 2nd floor of our house and his garden..

    *be safe ms.Joy with your family po..love you po and  gudnyt po ;)*

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