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How the Right Mattress can Help Solve Back Pain

Sleeping on a poor quality or worn mattress can aggravate or even cause lower back pain. Not only does a poor mattress strain muscles and prevent the spine from remaining properly aligned, but it also reinforces poor sleeping posture.

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What is the Correct Mattress For Lower Back Pain?  

The correct mattress is one that provides support for the curves and alignment of the spine, as well as comfort. This allows the back to rest properly during the night, rejuvenating its muscles and vertebrae.

There is no specific mattress to support everyone with back pain; individual choice is important in deciding which mattress will provide comfort, support and a good night’s sleep. A medium-firm mattress is better than a firm mattress, as a firm mattress may put too much pressure on the body, causing pain at pressure points such as the hips and shoulders.

Although tested by back pain sufferers, an orthopaedic mattress may not always be the best choice of mattress because each person suffers pain in different ways and in different parts of the body. This means an individual needs to find out for themselves how to obtain maximum support and comfort in bed for their condition or injury.

Always purchase from reputable stores and, if possible, try before buying. A higher priced mattress will not necessarily guarantee that it will be more supportive or comfortable and remember that if there are two people in the bed, the mattress needs to be comfortable and supportive for both. When choosing a mattress, be aware of its components and how these can help to provide comfort and support.

About Sprung Mattresses

Good quality sprung mattresses have a number of components, including coils. There are different thicknesses of coil wire and a lower gauge means that the coil wire is thicker and stiffer, providing a firmer mattress. There are also differences in the number of coils in the mattress. More coils may indicate a better quality mattress, but do consider whether more coils will be better for the body or not.

Mattresses with thicker top padding can be more expensive but often provide more comfort. The middle padding can be soft or firm. If looking at a cross section of a mattress, firmer foam padding will not spring back as quickly when pressed. There is also a middle cotton layer that may be of varying thickness across the mattress and this can provide greater support in specific areas, such as the middle of the mattress.

When looking at the outer layer of the mattress, look for good quality stitching and always remember to turn the mattress regularly to maintain an even sleeping surface. If purchasing a new mattress or bed, why not consider modernising the rest of the bedroom at the same time, with some stylish white gloss bedroom furniture.

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bedside cabinet

Memory Foam Mattresses

Many people are now using or considering using memory foam mattresses. These are able to mould to the body and provide support to the body while it is sleeping. Memory foam is available in different densities, providing a softer or firmer mattress. The firmer memory foam mattresses will take longer to spring back when pressed.

Whether suffering with chronic back pain or recuperating from an injury to the back or spine, it is important to take time when choosing a mattress. Selecting the right mattress will not only help to alleviate back pain, but it may also solve it.


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