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An odd working station position

My home working station as seen in the photo is positioned in an out of the ordinary spot in our home. Maybe you will be wondering why I call it odd working station position. Well, it is because it is situated in a place (middle of the house lol) where I can work and at the same time attend to my home chores.

working station

I repositioned my working table several months ago when my househelper made a decision to go home to their province for good, as it was not easy to instantly get a replacement as good as her nowadays, I decided to bring out my working station from our bedroom and placed it where I can do my work online and simultaneously finish other home activities. Its recent placement is perfect and doing a great advantage for me in multi-tasking. I can finish the laundry while writing articles. I can hear the sound of the washing machine when it finishes its washing cycle and clothes are ready to hang dry. I can cook while monitoring emails.  I can also hear if someone knocks on the gate as I am alone in the house during weekdays with two dogs as my companion.

For the meantime my working station will stay where it is now. It will be brought back to its original place in our bedroom wherein I can fully concentrate by the time I find another trustworthy helper.

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