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Making Your New House Liveable In Less Than A Day

Moving into a new house can be really exciting, but you have a lot of work ahead of you. It won’t be ready to move into right away. That’s all up to you. Although some people take days, maybe even weeks to get their house ready, this guide is going to tell you how to make your new house liveable in less than a day. Don’t think it’s possible? Read on to learn how…

Start With The Smaller Rooms First

Start with the smaller rooms first, as they are more manageable. For instance, the bathroom. This room is one everybody uses, so it’ll be beneficial to do it first. The way you complete the rooms will also motivate you to carry on too. If you get lots of small rooms done, you’ll feel more positive. If you take ages to complete one large room, chances are, you’ll tire yourself out and want more breaks.

Include Things That Make You Feel At Home

Include things that make you feel at home, such as big plush cushions, candles, and flowers. These will make your new home actually feel lived in and cosy rather than strange and new. Have these things ready from the moment you get there!

new house unpacking

Get The Beds Sorted

Everybody needs a cosy bed to sleep in, so focus on getting those sorted. If you only have time for a few things, make it the beds. Take bedding you are familiar with, especially if you are doing the kids beds. It’ll make them feel more at home. You’ll also love jumping into bed at the end of a long day!

Use Positive Artwork and Quotes

Positive artwork and quotes dotted around will make you feel happy and create positive feelings in your home right away.

Pack The Way You Think You’ll Unpack

If you’ve unpacked before, you may have an idea of how you like to do it. Everybody does it differently, so make it work for you. Pack the same way you think you’ll unpack so you can get everything done effectively. Having a good company like Able Removals to help you is a good idea too.

Try To Get There As Early As Possible

Try to get to your new house as early as possible. Get the kettle on and start moving in! The earlier you begin, the earlier you’ll be done. People tend to have a better work ethic in the morning, too.

Darlene's Living Room

Just Make A Decision

If you have art, furniture, and other things you need to place, it’s too easy to spend a long time working out where to put it. All you need to do is make a decision. Make a decision fast and stick with it. If you don’t like it later on, you can always move it. Nothing is set in stone, and nothing has to be perfect right away.

Consider Leaving Electronics A While

Instead of trying to set up your TV and phone line right away, consider leaving those things until you’ve made it feel like home. You can all survive without that stuff, and it’ll take too long on the first day.

Good luck!


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