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Create a fancy garden with animal statues

Create a twist in your outdoor area, turn your garden into an interesting sight to look at. Beautifying a garden does not only mean flowering and ornamental plants in beautifully designed pots and patio sets, you can also ornate it with lawn statues. Garden sculptures and figurines can create a dramatic effect in your lawn, positioning animal statues here and there, can doll up your lawn as it comes in variety of sizes and designs to match your previous garden decoration.

Redecorating a garden by using animal statuary can be done by a professional landscaper to make it look majestic or you can do it yourself too to express your own artistic interpretation. I saw this dog statue a perfect memorabilia to honor one of our beloved dogs. I am still looking for a basset hound and dalmatian statues to complete my collection. Placing them in our backyard garden will not only give our lawn an entire new look but will always commemorate happy memories they gave us – our beloved pets and bestfriends.


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  1. cute. i have 2 dog statues that once belonged to family members, but they are both inside for now because i need to make a better space for it. also, i wrote gardening articles about creating your own butterfly and bee habitat around your organic and floral garden so that you can grow healthier flowers and your own organic food and herbs.

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