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5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid
5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid
5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid: Too Much Water

Gardening is not an easy hobby, especially for people just starting their first garden. Many gardeners struggled for years before becoming plant experts.

Many forget that the garden is an integral part of the home, even the patio you spend summers with the family in, even hammocks the kids nap on at noon, and the pond where you relax in the morning while watching the fishes swim.

Regarding plants, many would think that giving the plants a lot of water is best, when in fact, like us, plants can drown. It is always a good practice to research about the plant you plan to have in your garen. With a little effort, you can avoid the most common gardening mistakes and save you both time and money.

Too Much or Too Little Water

Many gardeners have difficulty figuring out how much water to give their plants. New gardeners typically give too much water to their new plants, which can kill your new plant fast. If you don’t give your plant enough water, your plant will stay thirsty and only grow a very short root system. This can lead to disease and ultimately the plant’s death. You can avoid water issues by paying close attention to your plant. Yellow leaves typically indicate the plant is receiving too much water. Dry and brown leaves are a common sign that the plant is not getting enough water. 

Failure to Protect From Critters

Some novice gardeners fail to properly protect their new plants from the wildlife in the area. Some areas are prone to deer, rabbits and other hungry creatures. No gardener wants to see her hard work shredded to bits by a wandering critter. One way to avoid wildlife issues is to only grow things these critters are not likely to eat. You can also protect your plants by wrapping chicken wire or a small fence around your garden. Gardens are also prone to harmful insect infestations. However, not all insects are bad, so avoid using pesticides that will kill all bugs. There are many natural ways to get rid of harmful insects, including increasing your ladybug population.

Improper Plants for Your Region

Spotting colourful plants at a gardening store frequently leads a new gardener to try planting it. Not every plant can grow in your garden. Even if you do find a plant that is suited to your local climate, it’s easy to plant it in the wrong spot by accident. It’s best to avoid this mistake by researching whether a plant is right for your area and your garden. Native plants are always ideal for success in your garden. These plants can thrive without a lot of help from you.

5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid
5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid: Critter Control

Bad Planting Techniques

Sometimes, people place their plants poorly in the soil. Some gardeners dig a hole too deep for their plant. Planting too deep can prevent the plant’s roots from getting any light. Many novice gardeners also struggle to plant in the right soil. Some ground is simply not suitable to growing plants. Additionally, gardeners must be careful to avoid overcrowding their garden. Plants need plenty of room around them to grow properly.

Forgetting to Do Regular Maintenance

Although some plants can survive without regular maintenance on your part, others cannot. Some gardeners forget to regularly weed and clear the areas around their gardens. These weeds can have a devastating effect on your plants. Some gardeners also forget to regularly prune certain plants, including roses and herbs. Regular pruning can help these plants thrive in the future.

5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid
5 Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid: Improper regional plants

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Brendan is a Landscape Gardener from Brisbane, Australia. He says that gardening isn’t as difficult as some people think and says that these are the five most common mistakes you should avoid. For professional advice and assistance on you gardening, visit the PPG website: www.premiumpg.com.au

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