How To Rock Your Tastes Without Going Overboard

If you’re on this site, then you undoubtedly have those geek tastes flowing hard in your blood. Whether it’s everything tech, comics, film or video games. It can be difficult to suppress our love for our passions. Enthusiasm is what geekery is all about, but it can go over the top. We’ve all had those occasions of seeing people rocking full paraphernalia and the sad truth is it can be quite cringe-inducing. For those of us who have other aspects to our life, we sometimes have to adapt to the level of propriety around us. However, that shouldn’t stop you from low-key geeking out.

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Displaying collections tastefully

It’s your home, so you’re damn right you should be able to make room for all the delightfully nerdy stuff you love so much. But cluttering up the house is unsightly, no matter what it’s with. Take some inspiration on how to arrange and display your collections tastefully. Not only does it give them an air of class, but it can look downright awesome. No more feelings of embarrassment when visitors come over.

Get yourself a mancave

There’s another way to let your tastes rule a space in the home. This one doesn’t involve trying to make them more palatable to others, either. No, it involves giving them a space all their own. Everyone should have their own space in the home, and a mancave (or womancave) can be the perfect opportunity for you. There have been some awesome home arcades made in the past, or rooms wall-to-wall with iconic comic covers. It just means the rest of your family has their space uninterrupted by your passions, too.

Wear it subtle

Class is the name of the game when it comes to displaying your passions. Sure, you could have a sleeve tattoo featuring the entire Street Fighter extended universe cast. It might even look awesome. But if you’re juggling a professional and public life, it can be a bit over the top. Check out some of the more subtle, yet just as cool tattoos aficionados have given themselves.

Classy clothing choices

Games are hitting the mainstream now. This means that other mainstream industries are looking on how to capitalise. We are absolutely a-okay with this. It only means there’s been a rise of sudden classy gaming clothes. You can purchase an Assassins Creed hoodie from here or find a whole range of clothing bearing N7 logos and little else. The age of classy, understated gaming clothes is here which means you don’t even have to hide your nerdy desires.

Take some time away from them

We all love our passions. It’s why sites like this exist. But still, it’s important to make sure you take some time away from them. Live a rounded life. Go travelling. Take the kids with you. Get involved in shared tastes with your significant other. Having plenty to keep you busy outside your hobbies makes said hobbies all the more fun when you get back to them. As with the Force, balance is the key.

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