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Getting Married on the Month of Love

According to the old and  traditional English folklore , on the wedding day itself the bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe for good luck.  This famous bridal rhyme is still practiced somehow in the modern times in conjunction with June, the month of love as the best time for a wedding to take place.

month of love

A lot of brides wish to be married on June. It must be the magic that comes along being tagged as a June bride but any woman will do what it takes to have a June wedding. The month of June is actually named after the Roman goddess of marriage, hearth and home so it is only understandable that many couples want to start their lives together under her protection. But the funny thing in history is that many brides want to marry in June because the annual bath happens in May and when June comes, the bride and groom will still smell fresh and nice.

These days, June is considered as the best month for weddings because it has temperate weather in most areas around the world. It is the start of summer in some regions so many flowers are also blooming during this month. One of the downsides of planning a wedding during this month is that many couples are also aiming to be wed on this month. So you will be faced with higher prices for wedding dress and paraphernalia, as well as for the reception and the organizers. You may also need to book and plan ahead as your options will become a bit limited during this busy wedding month.

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