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Health Benefits of Growing-Up Milk for Kids

Health Benefits of Growing-Up Milk for Kids

Aside from nutritious foods and fruits, growing-up milk is essential for growing kids as it provides a nutritional supplement to children’s dietary needs for growth and development.

Encouraging children to drink milk consistently will help them to keep up and develop their general well-being.

For some kids, imposing milk drinking may be hard at the beginning. Try not to force them, instead incorporate milk in their food like when eating cereals. Drinking it will then become a habit sooner or later.

Health benefits of growing-up milk for youngsters

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium and phosphorus. It is vital for developing strong bones, tooth development, and overall dental health.

Growing-up milk contains decent amounts of Vitamin D.

The presence of potassium and magnesium in milk helps to regulate the blood pressure of your kid.

Kids will stay hydrated as 2 or 3 glasses a day will add up to their water intake.

It is a good source of Vitamin A which is great for your kid’s eyesight.

It also contains other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12, Riboflavin or Vitamin B2, and Niacin.

Best Growing-up Milk for kids

 NIDO® 3+ Powdered Milk Drink For Pre-Schoolers Above 3 Years Old

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Nido 3+

Nido powdered milk drink for Pre-schoolers above 3 years old is formulated with essential vitamins, this powdered milk drink gives the immunity boost your pre-schoolers need for their adventures.

The NIDO brand is trusted by mothers, with a taste that kids love. With its focus on providing a nutritional foundation for growth and development, NIDO has been helping moms around the world care for and nurture children for the past 70 years.

NANKID® OptiPro® Four Powdered Milk For Children Above 3 Years Old

NANKID OPTIPRO Four is specially made with Optimized Protein that helps provide optimal weight and development advantage.


Nestogrow 4 Powdered Milk For Children Above 3 Years Old

The all-new Nestogrow 4 Powdered Milk strengthens tummies for improved digestive health in your little ones.


Growing-up milk is essential for children 3 years old and above as this is the phase of learning and growing and further components for growth and development can’t be get enough from our daily table foods alone.

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