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4 Reasons You Can’t Move House In Less Than A Week (Number 3 Will Surprise You!)

Moving house, it’s right up there with having a baby and getting married for being one of the most stressful and disruptive times of your life. Shockingly though, some people seem to think they can treat it like ripping off a plaster and do it super quick, easily get it over and done within a few days, but is this really practical? I’d say no, and that you need an absolute minimum of a week, and a lot longer in most places to move successfully. Read the reasons why below.

You are part of a chain

Move House

Buying a new house mean that you are more than likely part of a chain. A chain is a situation that occurs when you have several different homeowners all selling their current property and buying a new one. Basically, they all become dependent on each other to complete at the right time. Otherwise, the chain becomes broken, and some or all of the sales fall through.

Being in a chain means that you can rarely move house in less than a week. This is because even if you can sell and choose a new place in so little time, it’s unlikely that the people that you are buying from will be able to do the same.

You need time to organise the move

Next, remember that you need time to organise aspects of the move including booking a removalist to help you transport your furniture and boxes on the day, and cancelling your utilities such as electric gas and water. Some families will also need to take some time to give their property a good clean as they move out, and even patch up issues like holes in the walls where pictures have been hung.

You need time to say your goodbyes

Saying goodbye is a very important part of moving and shouldn’t be rushed.

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Something else that is hugely important when moving home is having enough time to say your goodbyes both to the property that you have lived in and to your friends and family in the area. Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of tending to the emotional side of moving house and focus all on the practical.  Something that can make it harder to have a positive start when you do arrive at the new place. So if you do find yourself having to wait a little longer to move, be thankful, and fill that time with seeing family and friends while you have the opportunity.

You need to pack

Packing up all your belonging is a big job to complete.

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Another reason that you can’t move house successfully in only a week is all the effort and hard work that goes into packing all your belongings. After all, safety packing up everything you own for transportation to another place takes quite a while. Especially if you have a large house and family and have to go to work and do all the usual daily things in the meantime. That is why it’s always best to give yourself longer than when moving home, wherever possible.

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