How To Identify Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

While there’s no denying the appeal of precision cut diamonds, a stone that has been hand-shaped offers individuality, as does anything made with the hands of a skilled person. The Old Mine Cut, or Old Mine Cushion, as it was also known, was all the rage in the early and middle Victorian periods and if you happen to be looking for a diamond engagement ring of this era, talk to a leading Australian antique dealer.

Old Mine Cut: Identification Tips

One thing you will not see with an Old Mine Cut diamond is symmetry; the hand-worked facets are all very slightly off, which adds to the appeal and with the current global trend for hand-crafted jewellery, Old Mine Cut stones are very popular for engagement rings. 

  • Relatively Small Table – Old Mine Cuts have a smaller table than machine cut stones.
  • Large Culet – The culet is the fine point where all the facets meet and this is larger with a hand-worked diamond.
  • High Crown – The upper part of the stone is called the crown and it is higher with the Old Mine Cut.
  • Deep Pavilion – The lower part of the diamond (below the girdle) is quite deep with hand-crafted cuts.
  • 58 facets – The Old Mine Cut has a total of 58 facets, including a large culet.
  • Slightly Off-Symmetry – This is evident to almost everyone when comparing with a Brilliant Cut and this is an added attraction.

Those looking for vintage style engagement rings Sydney and other cities around the world have can search online for a leading antique dealer who would have an impressive catalogue of fine Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian diamond engagement rings. Like other fine examples of antique jewellery, you can expect to see a steady appreciation when you invest in an antique diamond ring.

Old Mine Cut Diamond

The Art Deco Period

Most of the diamonds of this time were hand-cut using the Old Mine Cut and as this cut utilises straight lines and geometric shapes, it is very easy to see that a hand-worked stone is slightly off from perfect symmetry. Check out the online antique dealer if you are looking for a unique diamond engagement ring that is completely hand-made, as they would have a great selection of genuine pieces, each with its own colourful history.

Online Resources

If you would like to learn more about hand-cut diamonds, the Internet offers a wealth of free resources and a few hours would see you with enough knowledge to be able to identify hand-made cuts from machine cuts. You can watch YouTube videos that clearly point out the things to look for when inspecting diamonds, and the information will be invaluable when you are looking at antique jewellery with a view to purchasing. Of course, you should always be dealing with a reputable antique dealer, as they would put their reputation on the line regarding the quality of pieces they sell.

If you are one of the people who prefer hand-crafted jewellery with hand-cut diamonds, talk to a leading antique dealer and let them source the perfect piece of diamond jewellery to present to your partner when you pop the question.


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