How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Suits Your Partner’s Life

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It might not be one of the first things you think of, but buying an engagement ring that’s suited to your loved one’s lifestyle is important. They will, after all, be wearing it day in day out for the rest of their lives (hopefully!).

There are so many different day jobs and lifestyles out there. Some of them are better suited to certain styles and designs of engagement rings than others. That’s why it’s crucial to weigh up the pros and cons of each ring so you can decide which is best.

You might want to go one step further and opt for a custom design. This is not only a super special way to propose to your loved one but it also leaves more room for personalization. Diamond Brokers Queensland creates custom engagement rings so you can create rings that suit your loved one’s lifestyle perfectly. It will be an engagement ring made especially for them and their preferences both practically & aesthetically. Win, win!

Now, let’s break down the certain styles of engagement rings available on the market and how they suit certain lifestyles:

A ring for someone on the front line

By front line we mean if someone is in a position where they are constantly in view. This could be anything from a salesperson to a real estate agent. A ring to suit this lifestyle might be something big, bold and dazzling. There is little room for active considerations, so something a larger stone with a fancy setting will suit this individual perfectly.

A ring for someone on-the-go and active

If your loved one has a job where they are constantly using their hands to do things, you’ll want something a little more pragmatic. Maybe they work as a gardener, hairdresser or chef? If this is the case, engagement rings that don’t attract dirt or catch easily will be good. Also, think about rings that go underneath gloves easily.  

Someone who works with risk

Maybe your partner is on the other sort of front line. They could be in the security field or a police officer which is when a more discreet ring may be optional. So, a smaller stone that is subtle with a simple, delicate band will work a treat with this kind of lifestyle. If you wanted something with a bit more impact but still elegant, consider a row of smaller diamonds on the band.

Someone in the care field

This could be anyone from teachers to nurses and doctors. You will want a practical engagement ring that has limited sharp edges so there’s little chance of the ring getting caught. Think about setting where the prongs have the diamond set lower. This would save your loved one from having to remove their ring every time they are at work.

These tips should give you a good idea of what ring styles to keep in mind when you start your search. What’s more, when you speak to the jeweller ask them to list the pros and cons of having the chosen ring style for your loved one’s lifestyle. This will ultimately give you a bigger picture of whether its right for their day to day life.


Photo by Beth Solano on Unsplash

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