Spotting The Various Engagement Ring Styles Available


engagement ring styles

There are several engagement ring styles to suit the styles and preferences of just about anyone. We are sure that if you have been seriously contemplating popping the question, you have started to consider what styles your partner may fall in love with.

With so many out there though, the choice initially can seem a little overwhelming. From vintage to modern, elegant to avant-garde, there can be a lot to think about. If you’re stuck on where to get started, Kalmar Antiques has a selection of vintage engagement rings in Sydney.

First things first, let’s look further into some of the styles available so you get a clearer picture of what’s out there. Knowing the choice will give you a clearer idea of what will suit your loved one.

Is she more traditional and elegant?

There are some people that prefer timeless elegance and enjoy rings that keep it simple. If this is the case, your partner may want a traditional solitaire setting that is a no-fuss engagement ring showcasing the diamond.

Other elegant settings may include the basket or trellis which sets the diamond lower, giving a more refined look. A row of diamonds on a pretty silver or gold band is also a typically traditional style that will go down a treat. Something more classical is very script-like, nothing is out of place but will feature something more like a round diamond with a gold band.

Something trendy and more unique

Maybe your loved one prefers something a little more outgoing that boasts glitz and glamour. You should get a good idea with their everyday jewellery and if it is very glamorous, consider a setting that positions the diamond higher. This will show the stone off in all its glory and allow for maximum sparkle and reflectivity.

Free spirited and natural engagement ring styles  

If your partner is more of the outdoors, free spirit type then they may want a more organic looking engagement ring. There are certain settings that incorporate leaves, flowers and natural elements to position the diamond or gemstone.

Hopelessly Romantic

For the romantic at heart, you will want to go for a more vintage style ring. These timeless designs will be featured in antique collections. The styles can range from featuring a dainty band to something more intricate but will all be completely unique.

Contemporary style

The modern engagement rings are more for those into more progressive styles that have less traditional designs. They will be more experimental and could have thinner bands or settings where the diamond is not in the centre.

Modern style breaks free of the previous era’s designs and challenges the norm for traditional engagement rings. Think cleaner lines with a more industrial feel. You might also find more colours in contemporary engagement ring styles for the stones.

Now you know some of the styles, you will be able to navigate the search process with more knowledge and confidence.



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